How To: Cooling Summer Herbal Elixirs

How To: Cooling Summer Herbal Elixirs

Summer has arrived and—besides, the fun, sun and love—it also brings along rising temperatures that can have serious consequences like dehydration. An increase of perspiration during outdoor activities and in diuretics like iced coffee and alcoholic beverages can lead to further moisture loss.

This stimulating season is an optimal time to experiment with cooling and hydrating herbal drinks to replenish fluid and electrolyte levels, keeping the body and skin feeling vibrant. Here are some of my favorite elixirs to try:


Benefits: Helps with hormone balance, digestion and circulation, cools liver (liver is the seat of anger) and is a great ally for all skin types, the kidney and heart.

To Make: Steep a batch for 75 minutes. Serve cool with a few slices cucumber.


Benefits: Rich in vitamin-C (great healthy skin), rejuvenates and moistens tissue with its mucilaginous properties, reduces high blood pressure.

To Make: Create a delicious tea by steeping a batch for at least three hours, adding crushed berries and perhaps a few edible flower petals. Serve it chilled. Those with a sweet tooth can add some honey/maple syrup.


Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, rich in enzymes and antioxidants, memory enhancer.

To Make: Create a lemonade by blending fresh sage, lemon, lime, water and honey/maple syrup. Add some ice and a few slices of lemon and lime and serve!


Benefits: Cooling to the nervous system, aids in digestion, very rich in antioxidants.

To Make: Steep the dry herb for a few hours, then serve it chilled.

One additional tip: After a workout, sprinkle some sea salt on any sweet fruit, creating an electrolyte intake.

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