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This blog post is dedicated to my brother, Barry, who turns 40 today.

He bravely walks his spiritual path, which has been off to painful start. He asked me once if it gets better, and I can finally tell him it does. I have found deep happiness and contentment and these are some of the practices that got me here:


Smile at everyone you make eye contact with. Smile even if no one’s looking. When you smile, your body and brain get the message that things are good and, then, they are.

Eye contact

Make real eye contact with people. Up until recently, I’d gotten out of the habit of doing this. When talking to a friend or thanking a waiter, look the person right in the eyes as you speak and smile. This helps people feel seen and connected.


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Practice Kindness

Be kind to everyone, especially strangers. One act or word of kindness can change the course of a person’s day and even life. That positivity will often be passed onto another, creating a wonderful ripple effect of goodness.


Just do something, every day. I have suffered from deep depression and have found, without doubt, that exercise is one of the most powerful tools to counteract that form of chemical imbalance. It is a natural way to trigger the production of dopamine, and dopamine equals happiness.


Release that which no longer serves you: drugs, food, relationships. You know what those things are—the  actions, cycles, people and places that no longer benefit your growth. It can take some time to release a habit, but I can tell you firsthand that your salvation lies on the other side of its release. Let it go and trust that what awaits is 2000 percent better.

Share Knowledge

We are all doing this crazy “life thing” together, and we share many experiences. Clichés are clichés for a reason! If you’ve learned something that can help someone else, don’t keep it to yourself: Give it away! Do you think I write these entries for my health? (Well, yes, for my emotional and spiritual health, I suppose.) But I also write them for whoever finds them and might be guided. I wrote this for you! Hopefully it helps.


This one can be tough, especially if, like me, you love the sound of your own voice. But people want and need to be heard. When a friend is talking to you, listen, really really listen, and reflect back what you’re hearing. The gift you’ll be giving them is invaluable. We all just want to be seen and loved for who we are.

Give Gifts

I’ve always known, in theory, that—by the law of abundance—if you want something, you should give it away. But it wasn’t until recently that I really started to unravel my relationship with abundance and overrode my fears, taking a chance to just give gifts when the opportunity presented itself. Now I look for reasons and things to buy, make or tell people. And guess what? Surprise, surprise! I’m making far more money and getting so much more love than ever before.

Trust In The Process

Hand things over. It’s that simple; just trust that Spirit knows the best course of action. I believe that some things are predestined and others are dictated by free will. Pray that you will know the difference and make the changes where you can. Accept the things you cannot change, knowing that there is good reason. Which leads to…

The Law of “No Mistakes”

There are none. Not one. You may not see it now, but, I promise you, there is a reason for whatever is happening and it will eventually be shown to you. So don’t waste one more minute of energy trying to understand why. Let it go and move forward.


This is an important way to begin your day: A moment of quiet before your day of to-dos, actions, errands, meals, talks, readings, phone calls, texts, emails…Oooph! So much. Ask for guidance and—from a place of stillness, replenishment and connection—you will be better equipped to navigate the day before you.


We’re losing the art of handwriting, a very important tool for tapping into the unconscious mind. Do you know that this part of the mind can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction? So, when you write by hand, you can plant seed wishes that will eventually trickle up to the conscious mind, then to reality. It all starts on the unconscious level.

Affirming and Praying

You’ve got to place your order with Spirit in order for the Universe to help you achieve your dreams. “Affirming” means actually saying, in the positive, that which you’re calling in. It’s best to say it as if it is already yours, as you simultaneously try to feel the feeling. Praying is the same; you’re just asking for assistance. Don’t forget to ask Spirit what you can do for Spirit, a common mistake we make! You’ll then get hints about how you can be of service to yourself and others. Maybe it’ll be a smile you can share, a gift you can make for another, knowledge you can share or the lending of an ear.


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