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My name is: Tracey Chab.

I’m known for being: An eclectic perfectionist.

I'm talking about: My online vintage shop, MaisonIQUE.

You can find it at: Only on Instagram @maison.ique.

Before I launched this company, I was: I used to be a visual merchandiser for a big name retail company, which is where I honed my perfectionist eye when it comes to composition and attention to detail.

What inspired me to create it was: I have always shopped vintage and restyled my space over and over, then sold off old pieces. As I was furloughed and had a lot of time on my hands, I started collecting a lot. I had so much and not necessarily space for everything, so I created an official Instagram to start selling, noticing there was quite a market for it! It was a great way for me to stay creative and be my own boss!

What I do is: I source vintage and antique home decor pieces that are hard to find and currently sought after, all over the country. I post them on my Instagram shop and sell to a wide range of customers!

What makes it special is: My eye for what once was special and how it can transform into modern life and be relevant again. I also pride myself on being very eclectic. You will see me mix postmodern candle holders with an ancient-looking sculpture on top a mid-century dresser. It’s all about lines and color and if they play well together.

One thing you can’t miss is: I am known for finding the best vessels. Vessels are having a moment right now, and, no matter what your style is, I have a vessel for your space. They are my favorite pieces to source.

My favorite secret detail is: The fact that these pieces I sell used to have a home and now are reborn. I feel that way about all vintage, but especially home decor. Not only are we being environmentally friendly, think about how much that piece has seen and the stories it holds as it keeps getting re-used. Not to mention your home instantly looks more authentic and worldly.

For me, what it means to hold space is: The secret to holding space right now is surrounding yourself with pieces you love and that reflect who you are. As a trend, we’re seeing much less matchy furniture sets and all neutral everything. We’re seeing old, reclaimed-looking console tables, an array of art on people’s walls, light fixtures from the 60s, handmade sculptures displayed on pedestals, unique floral arrangements. We're seeing people style their space with what they love and makes them inspired to be in that space all day, not what’s necessarily trendy. I love that; it’s a form of identity.

Our spaces are so important, especially in this time, because: Right now, many of us are working from home or starting new business ventures. Having a space, whether it’s your home or even just one room in your home, that inspires you to be creative and brightens your mood, has never been so important.

These pieces can help you live your process because: Vintage is the best way to help you be 100% authentically you. Like fashion, when someone steps into your space, they get a sense of who you are and what better way than to use authentic pieces collected from all different areas around the world? Whether it’s retro chairs, ancient bowls, sleek travertine—it all tells a story.

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