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My name is: Maggie Holladay.

I live in: Los Angeles.

I’m known for: Starting Claude Home.

The thing Robyn loves is: How bad I am at texting. 

Before I created this, I was: Prior to Claude Home, I was working for the Editor-in-Chief of i-D magazine as a fashion assistant. 

My interest was sparked when:  

I suddenly quit fashion and was very lost on what to do. I started scrolling eBay for hours, which led me to small home goods, which led me to learning about furniture, which led me to curating great vintage furniture pieces on a Instagram account I started called “Claude Home.”

The idea behind it is:

The idea changes month-to-month. But, overall, I would look at us as a host to extremely talented artists all over the world, as well as a platform for me to start selling my own designs. 

A special lesser known detail is:

That we are a very small team—just three of us, currently. People look at us and think we’re this huge operation, but we all wear ten different hats.

Something new I’m doing is:

Designing a lot of my own product. I’m really excited to dig deeper into creating unique and timeless pieces by me for Claude Home!

One of my favorite things (that I didn’t create) is:

This cabinet by CFP is my most wanted piece that we sell. It’s so classic, simple, but very unique.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

Life doesn’t need to be so rushed.

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