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My name is: Jena Covello.

I’m known for being: Creatrix of Agent Nateur.

I'm talking about: Our Holi (Youth) The Oceanic Adaptogen.

You can find it at: Neiman Marcus and Agent Nateur.

How it works is: There are a lot of herbs on the market and, to be really honest, they concern me!

Mushrooms—like reishi and chaga—seem to be good for most people, but there are others for whom they can really alter hormones. I believe those herbs should only be administered under the care of a holistic doctor.

I formulated Holi Youth with Dr. Will Cole (@drwillcole) with the intention of creating something that’s universal and safe for most people. He likes to call pearl powder an adaptogen. Its effects are almost immediate: ingesting pearl powder creates radiant, glowing skin.

Holy basil is an adaptogen that lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which means it provides a calming effect. Hawaiian spirulina is a clean source of calcium and protein; it detoxes the blood. Personally, I’ve taken this supplement without missing a day for five years because I believe it prevents illnesses. It is very powerful!

And marine collagen? Well, many people are skeptical about whether ingesting collagen can actually affect collagen production in the skin. But what does collagen do for sure? It helps to repair the gut. That’s why so many people believe in consuming organic stock/bone broth. When you heal the gut, you get less inflammation and redness with the skin. Beauty begins within. When you fix the gut, the first benefit you usually notice is beautiful, ageless skin.

What makes it special is: You can take Holi (Youth) internally or use it as a face mask!

One thing you can’t miss is: The benefits are instantaneous–radiant skin!

My favorite secret detail is: We are using the highest quality ingredients—Hawaiian spirulina is magic! It’s something nearly everyone should be taking every day to prevent illness.

Your body will thank you because: You’ll be radiant from the inside out.

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