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My name is: Maria Florencia Bollini.

My stomping ground is: Venice, CA. 

I’m known for being: 

A pioneer for the feminine way of serving psychedelics, founder/CEO of NANA & Co-Founder of Rewire Therapeutics.

Named “The Corporate Shaman” by Forbes Magazine, I have over a decade of experience as one of the pioneering practitioners of the plant medicine world. I’ve developed and introduced an expert system that has set the standard for the administration and integration of 5-MeO-DMT, the most potent psychoactive compound in the world. An empathetic, feminine approach to serving and integrating psychoactive medicines has been adopted by the leaders in the space and has made me a sought-after psycho-spiritual entrepreneur. 

I’m talking about: 

Psychedelic Initiated Transformative Medicine.

Before I started this work, I was:

A strategist in politics.

My interest was sparked when: When I tried my first ayahuasca journey, after breaking off an engagement. Looking back, it was the best decision I could have made in my life.

The idea behind it is:

NANA is a self-care system integrating mind, body and sprit that synthesizes psychedelics, biotechnology and ancestral healing practices, offering guided wellness for everybody.

It’s a new kind of digital mental care solution that works alongside psychoactive drug therapy to empower individuals to be an active agent of their own transformation. 

What makes it different is:  

We are a Transformative Medicine Company, the world’s first integrative system for mental health and wellness. 

Psychoactive Initiated Transformative Medicine (IPITM) is a proprietary holistic system, developed over a decade by leading doctors, thinkers and healers. PITM synthesizes psychedelics, biotechnology and cultural healing practices, administered through a ground-breaking digital care solution, offering  personal medicine and guided wellness to everyone. 

Psychedelics are uniquely helpful because:

An entheogen (that is a natural psychedelic compound) means that which reveals the God within.

These medicines wake you up to the reality of who you truly are; they allow you to connect with the immortal part of your self.

Through the mystical experience these substances produce, they help you realize that you are not your mind and, in that experience, give you the courage and boldness to do the hardest of work of changing your life.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: 

It’s a guided experience into your hero’s journey.   

I hope people walk away feeling:

Empowered, refreshed, with a new sense of purpose.

Psychedelics are such a powerful tool because:

They allow you to connect with the God within yourself.

They’ve helped me because:

I realized who I am and what I am here to do in this world.

The words I live by are:

Try. In life, we have to have courage to go after our dreams.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

You are the hero in your own story.

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