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My name is: David Bronkie.

I’m known for being: Passionate about sustainability, functionality and good design.

I’m talking about: Siblings, a clean candle company. 

You can find it at:

Before I created this line, I was: A mechanical engineer working in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and cofounder of an outdoor lifestyle brand. 

What inspired me to launch it was: Having worked in product manufacturing, I saw firsthand how wasteful our culture can be and the disastrous impact that has on the environment. In cofounding Siblings with my sister Eva, we decided to tackle that throwaway culture by starting with something we both frequently use and love: candles. The average candle creates an enormous amount of waste—from glass jars that don’t get reused or recycled, to paraffin wax that’s made from petroleum byproducts, to artificial scents that lead to headaches and migraines. We saw an opportunity to create candles that are clean on multiple fronts: we use a natural coconut blend wax with non-toxic essential oils, our bags are plant-based and compostable and we encourage reusing existing vessels for making new candles.

How it works is: We’ve made it easy to make a clean candle—clean for your home, clean for the environment and clean for your health. Simply melt our non-toxic coconut based wax in a microwave or on the stove top, pour it into a vessel of your choice, let it set and enjoy! We include everything you need to make the candle—wax, wick and matches. We love seeing how people get creative with their vessels! 

What makes it special is: We take our mission to make a cleaner, better candle seriously. We use a natural coconut blend wax that burns longer and throws our luxurious scents farther. We work with an amazing French fragrance house to create custom non-toxic fragrances that will help enhance your mood throughout the day. And our cleaner ingredients coupled with our plant-based and compostable packaging make our candles the most sustainable option available.

One thing you can’t miss is: We give your empty candle vessels, old jam jars and unused glass tumblers a second life. Instead of wastefully buying new candles that result in more unneeded glass jars, Siblings candles are perfect for pouring into vessels that you already own. 

My favorite secret detail is: Our series of artist candles. We partner with amazing artists from around the world to design original art for the packaging. Our Spring Scent featured art by Danielle Hutchens and our soon-to-be-released Summer Scent has original art by Paula Sanz Caballero.

For me, what it means to create a product with purpose is: Contributing to a more sustainable future for people and the planet.

One ritual you can practice with this is: Setting your mood. With our clean ingredients and premium, natural fragrances, you can find the right balance needed throughout the day. You can modulate your mood with different scents, achieving an energized feeling in the morning, focus in the afternoon and calmness in the evening. Look for citrus to kickstart the morning, sandalwood to stay productive and lavender to unwind before bed. Choose your scent; find your balance.

It can help you live your process because: A healthier home creates a healthier you, and a healthier you creates a healthier planet.

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