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My name is: Lauren Berlingeri.

My stomping ground is: Just relocated to Austin, TX!

I’m known for being: I’m best known for being the co-CEO and cofounder of HigherDOSE. I'm also a Virgo and fit that archetype’s personality traits very well. Detail-oriented, love being fit and always curious to explore current health trends.

I'm talking about: HigherDOSE is a lifestyle biohacking brand with products, experiences and rituals that enhance overall well-being and longevity. Our company started in 2015 when I discovered the detoxing and health benefits of infrared and launched two infrared saunas in New York City. We quickly grew into a household name with locations in the tristate area and direct-to-consumer tech products that bring the spa experience into your home. This year, we’re releasing more products to up your DOSE (dopamine, oxytocin, seratonin, endorphins) ritual, and I’m hosting a digital series called Biohack-Hers that explores the world of biohacking from a female lens. 

You can find it at: All things HigherDOSE can be found on

Before I launched this, I was: A TV host and presenter, nutritionist, fitness expert and product developer.

My interest was sparked when: I discovered the infrared sauna at my last wellness startup and knew this was going to be the next biggest thing. I had only tried standard saunas before and couldn't believe how much deeper of a sweat and the mood-boosting benefits infrared provides.

The idea behind it is: Whether it's infrared, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) or magnesium, we’re all about finding the intersection of nature's healing resources and technology. Our products, spa services and experiences help our community feel great, stay glowing and get high, naturally. 

What makes it different is: We were the first infrared spa in NYC and developed the first and leading sauna blanket. Innovation and quality experience are at the forefront of everything we offer, from product development to strategic hospitality partners that embody the ethos of our brand. 

This helps promote sleep because: Infrared is proven to reduce anxiety and promote deeper rest by downing cortisol levels and putting the body into a parasypathetic state of rest and digestion, which promotes deep sleep and relaxation.

Sleep is so important because: It's how our body recharges the system! I couldn't operate at the caliber I am at now without prioritizing deep sleep. It's essential for my life, both as a CEO and a mother. 

My bedtime ritual is: I don't have any blue light at least three hours before bed, including cell phone and TV. It’s all about unwinding and, lately, I've been taking magnesium powder when I find relaxing difficult in the evening. Its mineral properties are so essential to regulating the nervous system. It's worked so well for me, which is why HigherDOSE will also be launching a magnesium topical and ingestible product line soon. Stay tuned for details about that in June 2022!

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