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My name is: Amelia Vogler.

I’m known for being: Able to use holistic and energy-based methods to heal life-long limiting beliefs in two hours. In my work, this is the essence of grounding, which is living from all of yourself—from your body, from your values and from spiritual qualities like honesty and integrity.

I'm talking about: Grounding as a sacred practice, rather than a practical one.  Although, I do support people in understanding and implementing both types of grounding in their lives. The spiritual grounding is more about being able to live from all of who you are, unabashed and unafraid. It’s about meeting each moment with an open heart and an open mind and knowing that you are enough to receive whatever goodness life has for you.   

Before I began this work: I was working as a high-paid engineer at a Fortune 100 company.  I loved that work. I found it exciting and interesting and was always appreciative of being able to travel in the corporate jet or participate in large meetings. My secret weapon during that time was my intuition. I have always been able to feel whether projects are resonating and whether the people involved have integrity.

What inspired me to change course was: There was a deadness inside of me. Every time I went to these meetings, my energy would drop. I didn’t feel inspired, happy or alive. I would leave the day feeling dull. I remember one day, when I was sitting in my counselor’s office, I said, “I just feel like I am wasting my gifts.” She gave me permission to listen to that and the rest is history. I quit my job, opened a small energy-based practice and set off in the field as a holistic entrepreneur.

How it works is: Energy requires you to be able to listen for subtle patterns in someone’s life. My engineering, in some ways, was the same type of skill. You see the entire picture, in this case someone’s life, and you are able to track tiny reverberations of misaligned patterns that continue to get in the way with someone’s present day conception of who they are. These misaligned patterns show up many times as beliefs that are limiting. We are, after all, limitless in our nature.  After finding the patterns, we shift them using visualization and energy-based processes.

What makes it special is: That listening for and re-patterning these limiting beliefs can literally set an individual free to create, love, partner and manifest. I have seen anger that someone has held their entire life simply disappear or a sense of being unwanted completely shift. After these sessions, an individual has the ability to live a new life.

One thing you can’t miss is: That this type of grounding is like getting a new birthday. It truly is like being born once more into a more supportive mental framework for life.

My favorite secret detail is: One of the most joyful feelings in my work is supporting someone to feel free again. It is an incredible feeling to know that someone’s suffering has been lifted. People often come back to me and share that not only their life has changed, but that they have partnered differently—for example, they learned to love their spouse or children more deeply.

For me, what it means to feel grounded is: Living fully and freely. It means also being open to being inspired by life and by Spirit, whatever you conceive that to be. It means living with stress, but not letting life stress you. 

Grounding is so important because: It grows and widens your perspective and increases your own intuition about what is right and what is off in your life.

This can help you live your process (and get grounded) because: You become a true pilot of your life. Your heart is allowed to lead you and you have the courage to follow it because you know that you matter.

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