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My name is: Cindy (Suhhee) Kang.

My stomping ground is: I was born in Korea, grew up on the east coast and am now living in O.C., California.

I’m known for being: Co-founder of Hey Dewy. Someone who’s always struggled with dry, sensitive skin. A crazy mom, who’s always on the go, uber-ing my boys constantly to soccer, basketball, school and activities, who loves to cuddle with her mini goldendoodle and travel with her hubby.

I'm talking about: Hey Dewy, a humidifying wellness brand that fits your on-the-go lifestyle. A portable, wireless humidifier. 

You can find it at: Back in Stock! Get yours before they sell out again.

Before I launched this, I was: Working on all things digital. Spent over 15 years in corporate America for several fortune 500 companies like Yahoo, Accenture, Mattel, etc.

My interest was sparked when: My younger son struggled with bloody noses and I was introduced to the world of humidifiers—all large, heavy and impossible to clean. One night, I accidentally fell asleep next to him putting him to bed, with the humidifier running on me all night. When I woke up the next morning, I realized that not only had I slept great because my nasal passages were clear, but my skin felt fresh, dewy and soft. I wondered if I had totally overlooked the benefits of a humidifier and, as a young mama, why I had stopped taking care of myself?

Fast forward a few years, I was packing for a family trip and I couldn’t fit the big humidifier into a suitcase—that’s when the wheels started turning and Hey Dewy was born.

What inspired me to start this was: 

The problem: bad air quality can lead to dry, dull skin, and irritated nose and throat, especially in our homes, at the office, on the road, on a plane and in hotels. Humidifiers today are big, heavy, difficult to clean and not portable.

The idea behind it is: Our solution: a humidifying wellness brand that fits on-the-go lifestyles. Keeping you hydrated and healthy anywhere, anytime, particularly while you sleep!

What makes it different is:

  • Perfect for small spaces—your apartment, college dorm room, your hotel, your work space, your nightstand.
  • Wireless and rechargeable—time to cut the cord.
  • Quality sleep—keep your sinuses and throat clear for deeper, uninterrupted sleep and overall wellness.
  • Eight-hour run time.
  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology.
  • Beautiful matte finish—matches your aesthetic.
  • Lovely night light feature.

Our secret ingredient is:

Water. Just water. Clean beauty. No added chemicals.

Sleep is so important because:

A solid night of zzzs is the best form of self-care. According to the CDC and Healthline, getting enough hours of sleep is important for our physical health.

And, honestly, it’s equally important for our mental health. Lately, we have so much consuming our minds, we need time to unwind, relax and make sure we are getting enough quality sleep for our bodies and minds to rejuvenate.

Sleep affects our mood, our energy, our productivity and even our mental outlook for the day. It affects our body’s ability to build a healthy immune system on the inside, and even affects our skin on the outside. And, according to  the National Institutes of Health (NIH), using a humidifier overnight may help soothe dry sinuses, dry throat, cracked lips and dry skin. I love using a humidifier at night for deeper, uninterrupted sleep, and waking up with my skin feeling fresh and dewy.

Since water loss happens while you snooze, nighttime is an important time to lock in moisture. Humidifiers are an amazing skincare hack. Water loss can contribute to a variety of unwanted skin conditions like more pronounced fine lines, cracked lips, dry patches, and tightness. Lock in the moisture while sleeping and while your skin is in repair mode.

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

Why mist during and after your skincare routine? Damp skin acts like a sponge quickly absorbing the ingredients you put on your skin—your serums, oils and creams. It’s great to mist during your skincare routine and while you sleep to lock in the hydration.

My bedtime ritual is:

  • Get off devices at least one hour before bed.
  • Create a relaxing oasis, light a candle, fill up my Hey Dewy and turn it on.
  • Read a good book (currently Pachinko) to signal to my brain that it’s time to unwind and relax, and go to bed soon. (I don't have a hard time staying asleep, I have a hard time falling asleep, so it’s important to have a bedtime routine to try to tell my brain that it's time to sleep soon).
  • Stick to schedule: I try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, and I need about eight to nine hours of sleep to actually feel rested. This is so key, but so hard to do.


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