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My name is: Mel Nahas.

My stomping ground is: Point Dume, Malibu.

You can find me at: At home with Pippet (my dog), on a stretch of sand somewhere between Latigo Canyon and Little Dume or at what we like to call “The Peach Pit.”

I’m known for being: A dog lover, a food lover, a tea lover and an energetics lover. 

I'm talking about: Conscious City Guide.

You can find it at:

What brought me to LA was: A change of life. I moved from Australia eight years ago. 

Before I launched this, I was: Wild and hopefully still am, just a different type of wild. 

What inspired me to create it was: I was seeking a deeper connection to everything—myself, each other and the planet. 

The idea behind it is: I couldn’t find one place that would help guide me in finding all those connection points. I wanted to learn from different teachers and a wide range of perspectives and experiences—everything from soil regeneration and spirituality to self-care practices and social justice. All the things that remind us of how connected we all are. So, I created a community of event and experience creators and seekers, sharing and looking for those same things. Now anyone can go to and list or find  transformative events and experiences that speak to them. 

What makes it different is: We are in a time of deep collective transformation. There are many entry points to this. Some people may come to it through wanting to shift their diet, others because they see inequality and injustice in their communities and are seeking ways to activate around it, while others may be looking for ways to calm their mind, so they can remember their purpose. We know that, through offering community and experiences for these things, we find how truly connected we are to everything and everyone. 

One thing you can’t miss is: Our weekly curated newsletter (which is how we started). Subscribe here. While there are a plethora of events on the site, each week we highlight a selection in this email for you. 

My favorite secret detail is: The letter “o” in our “conscious” logo is an eye that slowly awakens and becomes a sun.

Today’s LA isn’t all breast implants and Beverly Hills (like the stereotype). It’s more like: I love all of LA’s stereotypes. That’s part of why I moved here. And let's face it, we are a quintessential LA stereotype too: sun and health.

What helps me live my process in LA is: The extremes and access all in one place. The incredible city, where some of the world's most beautiful creations are born. The melting pot of people from all over the planet to learn from and the abundant nature we are surrounded by, where the ocean meets the sea.

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