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My name is: Jenn Tardif.

I live in: New York.

I’m known for being: I’m a writer, teacher, aromatherapist and the founder of the mindful collective, 3rd Ritual

I’m talking about: Ritualizing gratitude with Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM)-inspired tools and techniques. Please find our tools here and sign up for our newsletter (which is where we share the good stuff) here.

Before I started doing this work, I was: Before finding my way to this work, I struggled to feel at home in my own skin. And I still have seasons of darkness. But the beautiful thing about these teachings is that they are timeless and will continue to meet you where you are.

My interest was sparked when: At five years old, when I developed an elaborate bedtime ritual. 

The idea behind it is: When you move half as fast, you notice twice as much. Rituals help us slow down, so that we can return to the deep knowing that we belong on the earth because we are of the earth. 

My work/practice is an expression of gratitude because: Although ritual has become a buzzword in the wellness industry, few are practicing with the necessary ingredients to harness the real alchemy of these teachings. I think this is, in part, because we've been so conditioned to expect quick results when growth is gradual. TCM reminds us to look to nature, Taoism lights the path not the destination and yoga gives us a manual for aligning body, mind and spirit. Weaving the three together is easier than it sounds, but you cannot do it alone. This is where community comes into play and it’s something that 3rd Ritual is rich in. 

Gratitude improves your life—and our collective experience on this planet—because: When we do good, we feel good. It’s important to give back, to acknowledge the (indigenous) shoulders we stand upon when we participate in these sacred rituals and to take care of the planet that has always taken care of us. Unsure where to begin? Here's a heavy hint. 

The words I live by are: You cannot find grace without gratitude.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

The return on investment isn’t eternal happiness, but maintaining balance— balance between Yin and Yang; effort and grace; giving and receiving. Mindfulness is a way of life that emphasizes process over performance. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

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