Glowing Skin At Our Fingertips

Glowing Skin At Our Fingertips

After eighteen years of working intensely with clients to get their skin and bodies camera-ready, I have developed a dream team of secret elixirs, serums, lotions and potions that I pair with techniques and gadgets, sourced from east to west.

I have definitely honed in on a niche approach to delivering both instant and lasting results. But the one secret weapon that continues to fascinate me and delivers amazing red carpet results is not only priceless, but is actually free: circulation!

We all learn, beginning in grade school, that circulation is the key to health and vitality. Whether it's through toning exercises or soothing baths, the goal is to beef-up the circulatory system. In Asian medicine, this is referred to as “moving chi, life force, blood.” And it's a significant factor that diminishes as we age.

No matter how well we eat or how many topical miracle creams we slather on, it’s essential to always promote movement and skin flushing underneath the surface. In Asia, dry brushing from the outer extremities toward the heart is performed to promote daily drainage of the lymphatic system and localized blood flow.

You don't need an exotic brush for this. Each morning, I use my fingers to make swift, light brushing strokes from the outer extremities towards my heart center to stimulate the lymph system (equivalent to our garbage disposal, ridding the body of excess fluid and metabolic waste), followed by light squeezing and repetitive palm tapping.

Then, in the shower, I apply organic body wash with intentional, circular, massaging strokes. For the face and neck, don't be afraid to stimulate and work product in as you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Your skin is an organ synonymous with flexibility and elasticity, which is why it will thrive with movement and flow!

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