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My name is: Tonya Papanikolov.

My stomping ground is: Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy.

I’m known for being: CEO + founder of Rainbo, a curious human interested in the expansion of our collective consciousness, a meditator, yogi and foraging nature-lover.

I'm talking about: Mushrooms and healing

You can find it at:

Before I launched this, I was: A holistic chef, nutritionist and health coach.

My interest was sparked when: The seed was planted way back in 2011 when I first attended a health conference and the speaker raved about chaga. I'll never forget the moment. Something inside me was turned on and intrigued. From there, I learned to forage in Canadian forests and brew medicinal teas. Ultimately, it was the beginning of my deepening connection with the land that sustained me and the healing power of nature. 

What inspired me to create this was: A mystical experience of healing with mushrooms and needing to share that with as many people as possible.

The idea behind it is: Mushrooms can change the world. That change starts in your body and mind and ripples out to all environments, near and far.

What makes it different is: We (at Rainbo) cultivate all of our mushrooms sustainably in Canada with love and healing intention.

One thing you can’t miss is: Immune power, stress resistance, body and mind resilience.

My favorite secret detail is: Mushrooms and meditation have changed my life. I practice with both every day.

Meditation is the single most important contributor to my mental health, balance and connection to my spirit. They both sustain me and give me the energy to move through my days with purpose and passion.

What it means to find balance is: For me, balance is about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. The more ease and acceptance we can invite into our imbalance, the quicker we find balance. The pendulum is in constant motion.

The universe is inherently chaotic. Chaotic behavior is the rule, not the exception. The goal is to make the swings in and out of balance (chaos) as graceful as possible, and, ideally, not too abrupt.

Balance is fleeting. Imbalance is fleeting. We’re here for a journey. How we perceive that journey is up to one’s own mind, body and spirit. But mainly, the mind. Balance for me is a flow state, a constant dance with life, a surrendering to the ebbs and flows.

What makes balance so important is: Balance is central to life. Every cell, every body, every biological system, every ecosystem is in constant flux. As I said, chaotic behavior is the rule, not the exception. The great task we have is to determine what personal balance looks like to us and to move toward more of that. Balance, or equilibrium, is not just important. It’s necessary for survival and optimal functioning and health—body and mind. In an inherently chaotic universe/planet/culture/time, balance is vital.

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