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When you have too much trash in your diet, it shows.

For instance, if you want to have skin that appears youthful, supple and dewy, then stay away from sugar. It completely dehydrates your skin. Besides damaging collagen, a high-sugar diet causes premature wrinkling and aging.

From my research, I’ve learned that refined sugar in any of its forms is one of the most harmful edible substances you can consume. It suppresses your immune system and depletes your body of vital vitamins and minerals. It also makes you very acidic, which in turn causes acne and stimulates more yeast, which brings on Candida. The side effects are really detrimental to your overall wellbeing.

Studies are also finding that other harmful properties in what we eat may affect our skin. For example, consumption of soy foods increases the body’s need for vitamin D, vitamin B-12, calcium and magnesium. The high levels of physic acid in soy inhibit the body’s ability to absorb minerals that we need, including zinc, calcium and copper (which is good for the skin). Soy also contains protease inhibitors that are known to block the enzymes necessary for the digestion of certain proteins. As a result, soy should not be a substitute for gluten as its lectins can be harmful to the intestines when gluten is removed.

Still, when the skin breaks out, most people run to find intense products and treatments that cause the skin to dry out or inflame and then breakout more.

First, I advise my clients to avoid three of the main non-prescription ingredients that are active in acne products: glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. All can be irritating to the skin. Drying out the complexion with harsh products is not the solution.

There are dietary shifts that can be made too (like limiting sugar and soy) and then so many great products with less harsh ingredients. Try using flower leaf stem extract, fruit extract, white grapefruit, olive leaf and basil leaf extract. Even good old tea tree oil is better than using harsh products that wreak havoc on the skin.

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