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My name is:

Nadia Josse.

I live in: Brooklyn, NY.

I’m known for being: 

I have worked in luxury PR for twelve years, but my love is for all things spiritual and healing arts. I’m a reiki and breathwork teacher and, most importantly, a mama. 

I’m talking about: 

I love to move and sweat. But, to me, wellness is not only moving your body. It's also about letting go and clearing from within: thoughts, limiting beliefs and other people’s energy trapped in our bodies. That is where you start healing. Breathwork is the path to a loving relationship with ourselves and co-creation with the universe. Everything else will follow. 

You can find it at: You can sign up for my March 5th group class here.

Before I started practicing this, I was:

I have practiced yoga for about twelve years. I discovered Jivamutki in NYC and, once the studio closed, I started going to Modo. I was also a dancer growing up, and I continue dancing with Dancebody. I just love to learn new dances every three months and challenge myself. I work out, but I also have fun.  

My interest was sparked when:  

I booked a breathwork session after hearing about it on a podcast. It was transformational and deep. It took me a year to book another session. After a few classes, I had to learn more and be able to share it with others. At that time, this practice wasn’t so well-known or popular. 

The idea behind it is: 

I teach a technique called circular breathing. I add my own little twist to it where I use the breath and its powers to help my students manifest their life purpose. Through the breath, we release old, stuck and stagnant energy and limiting beliefs. Breakthrough and "aha" moments happen. This leads to a feeling of peace and intense clarity that helps people follow their path and take action. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

I’ll be launching videos soon, paired with journaling prompts to help when you’re feeling stuck or emotionally drained. These videos will be short and help my students between sessions. 

It’s so important to move because:

Movement is being alive. I can’t start my day without moving my body.

Movement is not just about the physical because:

Breathwork is movement! It shakes up all the stagnant energy and emotions that we’ve accumulated in the body over the years. It’s important to make sure energy flows!

The words I live by are:

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” My teacher David Elliot always references this idea. It’s not so much about avoiding the bad, but instead switching your thoughts on a matter and seeing how the universe can help you turn anything into a positive outcome.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

Everyone is fighting a fight. Be kind! 

The inspiration of my playlist is: Moving with freedom. This playlist will make your emotions flow! There's a nature element to it, almost tribal, that I love.

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