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My name is:

Dejah Gomez

I live in:

Redondo Beach, CA.

Im known for being:

An honest and authentic mellifluous nurturer and safe space.

I’m talking about:

Kundalini yoga.

You can find it at:

Before I started practicing this, I was:

Before I commenced studying and now teaching Kundalini yoga, my main focus was singing. I had been singing professionally since the age of 13 and, as I grew and expanded in my artistry as an entertainer, more was requested of me to use my body and coordinate singing with movement. When touring with Disney’s Broadway musical, The Lion King, I was so amazed and extremely inspired by the dancers and how they moved. I would watch my favorites from the wings and imagine moving like them. Watching them made me want to express the music within me through my body so beautifully, elegantly and powerfully. I wanted to move as effortlessly in my body as I could sing with my voice, so I began taking ballet and mat Pilates. 

My interest was sparked when:

I was introduced to Kundalini yoga and Qi Gong after leaving the stage. I was desperately searching for something more, something to hook and anchor me and allow me to express the music, movement and breath within me as I witnessed the dancers I loved expressing the music within their bodies.

The idea behind it is:

Kundalini yoga is the supreme technology to awaken your awareness, your creative energy, and take you into your original self. Known as the nerve of the soul, your soul is to be awakened. It is a natural unfolding of your own nature.  

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

An important part of Kundalini is to develop the neutral mind and its capacity for intelligence, endurance and integrity. It teaches you how to gain a strong immune system, vital glands, a strong nervous system, good circulation and an awareness of the impact of your habits. 

Kundalini yoga is the fastest way to establish an aligned relationship between the body, mind and soul.

Its so important to move because:

We are living beings! We are walking songs. Our entire being from our thoughts, to blood, bones, and organs are moving and vibrating, singing a unique song. Kundalini yoga allows me to harmonize and boldly express the music within me.

Movement is not just about the physical because:

We are spiritual and energetic beings, housed in temporary bodies. Breath is movement. Thought is movement. Feelings and emotions are movement. The blood circulating through our veins is movement.

The words I live by are:

 “I delight in floating on the waves of my blueprint, singing and dancing in the ecstasy of me.”

One truth that is so important, but people dont always realize is:

We are walking songs. Our body is an instrument, waiting to be tuned to the most harmonious frequency, which will allow us to express our uniqueness and authenticity with confidence and clarity. 

The inspiration behind my playlist is:

My musical roots are grounded in reggae. My father is a reggae bassist and had a reggae band. I rose every morning and closed my eyes every night to the sound of reggae. When listening to reggae, you can’t help but to smile, feel good, move and dance. You feel no pain!

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