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My name is: Maryah Ananda.

I live in: Brooklyn, NY.

I’m known for being: A kind, nourishing human being and a culinary artist. 

I’m talking about: Nourishment and healing. 

Before I started doing this work, I was: A model. 

My interest was sparked when: I started the journey of healing my inner child and unlearning thought patterns and habits that no longer served me through food. 

The idea behind it is: That food is a universal language. By healing myself and sending love to my inner child, it will inspire people to do the same and to open up the food experience. Lean into being present with the moment of gathering or solitude of feeding your belly and heart. 

My practice is an expression of gratitude because: I am utilizing ingredients and flavors from my heritage, a thank you to my grandparents for immigrating here, as well as being joyous in my creation to celebrate my truth.

Gratitude improves your life—and our collective experience on this planet—because: Like metta meditation, having loving-kindness for yourself will allow compassion for others. When we nurture, love and care for ourselves, it sends ripples outward and our reality begins to shift. When we are grateful, we can enjoy the present moment.

The words I live by are: My therapist sends me affirmations. One of them especially resonated: “My inner sense of peace is unshakable. I trust divine order.” 

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: What you want is already done.

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