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The number one question strong, motivated, successful women ask me is, “What’s next?”

After you’ve achieved the bikini-body, the six-figures, the relationship—when the fireworks die down and the energy shifts again—how can you learn to move in harmony and stay in flow?

How can you go deeper for longer and experience more with less?

Sensitive people frequently have the most substantial ideas, influence and empathy and are the most creative, imaginative and intuitive individuals on the planet. And, when a person constantly has a desire to feel, do and create, she needs a fitness program that can work for her, instead of against her, more than ever.

If you’re one member of the 20 percent of the population who is highly sensitive, you may get strong physical sensations or feelings about people, places and events. You may call it your “intuition.” You can probably feel the energy of a conversation even before the phone rings and seem to notice a lot of synchronicity and coincidence in your life.

Because you can literally feel everything, it’s important to keep your body and mind in balance. I used to play the tough girl because I didn’t want anyone to know how sensitive I was or how vulnerable I felt getting up on stage to teach or traveling to new, faraway places alone. I never wanted to be thought of as weak, so, a lot of times, I stayed in heavy, toxic situations way too long and chose to tough it out to prove that I could handle the fire.

Eventually, I had to stop fighting and start flowing, and that’s when I got WEightless.

When you’re WEightless you can use sensitivity as a superpower to:

1. Dramatically shift your life from where it is now to greater freedom, health and happiness.

2. Immediately boost your energy levels, so that you no longer feel heavy and utterly exhausted all the time.

3. Quickly transform your body and mind, so that you release that stubborn excess weight, look sexy and feel confident.

Ultimately, you want to avoid following the masses of women suffer daily from embarrassment, frustration and out of control cravings caused by massive imbalance, overtraining and undereating, among other things. It’s easy to ignore signs from our bodies like breakouts, pain and discomfort, feelings of uneasiness and a general sensation that it’s all a bunch of crap.

Crazy detox diets and extreme fitness programs can be devastating to a sensitive constitution, which requires a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies for peak performance. If one energy source gets depleted, it’s like driving your car down the freeway with three tires.

Most popular fitness programs only focus on physical energy and maybe a little bit of mental energy, but, for a highly sensitive person, a well-balanced fitness practice should address all four systems: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and improve performance in all areas of life.

I truly believe this is the most revolutionary breakthrough for anyone who is struggling to lose weight. Because it proves, once and for all, that you and other highly sensitive people don’t have to suffer from frustration, confusion or years of trial and error, while paying for costly gym memberships.

Here are my “Top 3 Fat Burning Hacks” for highly sensitive people:

1. Your Brain

When you need motivation and feel your mental energy being drained, focus on powerful, positive images that fill you with energy and inspiration.

An example is to imagine yourself front row at a rock concert as the featured artist walks on stage. Your heart pounds, as your body falls into the rhythm of the music, and you lose yourself in the moment, all tingles and excitement.

2. Your Body

When you feel tired and sluggish, but know you would feel better with a workout, less is more. Choose three exercises you love. An example would be squats, plank and jumping jacks. Put on your favorite motivating music of the moment and commit to moving for one whole song.

Do one exercise until you get tired and cycle through all three until the song is over. If you feel a renewed sense of energy, do one more song.

Keep going and you will likely have an amazing, fun at-home workout.

3. Your Breath

When you feel disconnected and out of balance with your body and your environment, breathing can help you get centered, relaxed, empowered and in control of your emotions and reactions.

Try Breath of Fire:

1. Start by placing both palms against your low belly and sit up super straight. Relax the low belly and push it out into your hands as you inhale.

2. Exhale sharply through the nose and pull the lower belly in tight to the spine.

3. Repeat this breath rapidly and with intention.

4. You can also press the tongue to the roof of the mouth, close your eyes and look straight up.

5. Keep going for at least one minute, no matter how silly you feel.

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