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My name is: Nicole Skibola.

My stomping ground is: A tiny beach town in West Marin.

I’m known for being: The co-founder of Cosmic View—stubborn, fearless, creative and a woman on a mission.

I’m talking about: Craft cannabis and the idea of building a regenerative supply chain with small sustainable farmers and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging.

You can find it at: or at a number of the best dispensaries in California.

Before I launched this, I was: Doing many things—being a lawyer, sustainability consultant, archivist, illustrator and writer before I found my path as a plant medicine maker.

My interest was sparked when: I began to learn of the many, many ways that cannabis can help with so many facets of our mental, physical and spiritual health, especially for women. 

What inspired me to start this was: Surviving cancer and wanting to do something that gave me a sense of purpose. Also, I love that I get to work with my mom who was a UC Berkeley professor and cancer researcher—Cosmic View was her idea!

What makes it different is: Our sourcing, our small-batch manufacturing and our commitment to being a values-driven organization. As endometriosis and reproductive cancer survivors, we also care a lot about making products for women, so that has been an area of focus for us, as well. We also created a product for sleep: our Slumber Tincture for insomnia!

Our secret ingredient is: Sourcing beautiful, small batch strain specific cannabis that is grown with intention and devotion to the earth.

My favorite secret detail is: That my mom and I bless each batch that we make before it leaves our manufacturing facility. 

Rest is so important because: It’s a time to let go of the day-to-day stressors of life and truly nurture our bodies. It’s also a time for dreaming, which means listening to and finding answers from our subconscious. 

My bedtime ritual is: Gua sha facial massage after my oil cleansing, a 20-30 minute meditation, reading a book or New Yorker short story and some of our Slumber—a THC-rich formula of valerian, skullcap, chamomile and strain specific cannabis—before I drift off to sleep. 

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