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I give them, I get them and I’ve had about enough of them: Excuses are the worst!

All day long our busy lives cause us to be late, to flake, to reschedule, not follow through on our word. We all know it, and we all do it. And I’m starting to feel that giving someone a blow-by-blow explanation of why is not only unnecessary, but actually insulting and cowardly. You’re wasting more of their time. Plus, it’s a transparent attempt to remove the blame from yourself and onto something or someone else.

For many years, I’ve believed that time is the most precious thing each of us has. Without it, it hardly matters how healthy or rich you are. When someone wastes my time, I take true offense. Because, while they’re may be zero mistakes in the universe, I might otherwise have done something brilliant with those lost minutes or hours.

It’s time to start being responsible for your actions and your timing. If you’re a person who tends to run late, be honest with yourself and make the appointment at the appropriate time.

You couldn’t call someone back? I get it! I very much dislike talking on the phone, so I let people know upfront that I’m a texter.

And, if for whatever reason we make a mistake or a traffic jam causes us to be late, let’s make a pledge just to apologize sincerely, move on and try our best to do better next time.

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