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My name is: Steven Izen.

I’m known for being: Founder and CEO of Elements and Lokai.

I'm talking about: The launch of Elements, new functional line of wellness drinks made with adaptogens.

You can find it at: Starting this September at Wegman’s and on our website:


What inspired me to launch it was: I have been using adaptogens for years and believe strongly in their ability to help the body resist stressors and restore balance. But there wasn’t anything on the market like Elements, so I created the next iteration of adaptogens in a functional beverage format.

How it works is: We know balance is a journey and, sometimes, you need some help from science to find your center. Adaptogens are nature’s ingredients for balancing stress, but they aren’t portable or palatable. I sought to develop a version that is easy to take on-the-go.

What makes it special is: Our products stand out because they work and you can feel the results. We achieve these results by using clinically effective levels of adaptogens in all four of our formulas. According to a study by the Swedish Herbal Institute, adaptogens can improve cognitive performance and memory, enhance endurance and boost energy, immunity and resilience to stress. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all of those benefits?

One thing you can’t miss is: The refreshing, tea-like flavor of each formula complements its function and desired mental state: Vitality is a zesty Ginger Orange, Focus is a bright Blueberry Lemon, Calm is a cozy Vanilla Apple Cider and Sleep is a soothing Cherry Vanilla Almond.

My favorite secret detail is: 

The amount of sweat, tears and years that went into developing these four formulas. Everyone thinks they can whip up a great new product overnight, but that’s not the case.

Your body will thank you, especially in the world right now, because: We are all striving for balance.

Image via James Tralie

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