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My name is: Alina de la Vega.

My stomping ground is: Miami, Florida.

I’m known for being: The founder of Dote Wellness, a resource I created to optimize active wellness and that I sincerely believe will help generations to come.

Together with my husband Felipe, who shares my philosophy that plants are medicine and my passion for physical, mental and emotional well-being, I developed biodynamic formulations that harness the power of the plant to nurture the body and mind.

I’m talking about: Dote products offer whole-body support by helping with recovery, focus and stress management. Because when you feel good in your body—and I mean really good—it impacts the other aspects of your life. If you have confidence and brain clarity, you are going to do better at work. If you have a restful sleep, you are going to be a more present and loving parent. And if you have optimal muscle recovery, you will have the motivation to keep moving mountains.

You can find it at: Available now at

Before I launched this, I was: A real estate professional at my family’s company One Sothebys International Realty.

My interest was sparked when: Growing up, the foods that were served to me were nothing less than delicious. Platters of rice and beans, sweets, pasteles...nutrition, in my family, meant comfort. As I entered my late teens and twenties, I believed that to feel good about my body and be happy, I just had to eat less and work out more. But really, what I had to do was understand the effects of what I put in my body. It was an amazing and empowering realization that changed my wellness trajectory and brought profound changes in my health, performance, confidence and creativity.

What inspired me to start this was: Prioritizing my own unique needs. Finding that balance that is vital to your body’s health. Stopping to breathe. Recognizing challenge as opportunity. Living with intention. 

This drove me to create Dote, a self-care ritual.

The idea behind it is: Offering full body support that leads to an active lifestyle and full recovery.

What makes it different is: Harnessing powerful natural ingredients that work synergistically to support your active life, so you can perform at your peak. Working with farmers who share our ideals. We believe that responsible farming is sustainable farming. Our plants are never touched by chemicals, synthetic pesticides or commercial fertilizer. 

We actively choose not to use any materials that have the potential for health, eco-toxicity and contamination concerns. We use third party labs to certify our ultra pure and premium CBD meets stringent requirements.

Our secret ingredient is: Our category-defining formulations combine over 35 of nature’s most powerful and beneficial bioactives with CBD.

From ashwagandha to valerian root, every Dote product contains not just one, but multiple bioactives. Because it’s not enough to assemble the finest ingredients—we also want to amplify their effectiveness. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is: Getting customers feedback on the products and how they are working in their bodies makes me really happy. Helping incentivize people to live healthy and active lifestyles and recover properly.

It’s especially important to boost our health right now because: Living a healthy lifestyle is key to preventing chronic diseases and illnesses. Feeling good about yourself and taking care of yourself should always be the number one priority. If we don’t prioritize our health and well-being, we can’t excel in other areas in life. Health is priority number one and being conscious about what we put inside our bodies is now more important than ever because we have access to a lot of information. 

My favorite new ritual for self-care is: For me, taking care of myself involves movement. I prioritize movement in my life every day, whether it’s a high intensity workout or a walk down the beach. For this I take Dote’s Power supplement in the morning to get me going, and wind down at night with our Calm tincture which feels like that first glass of wine after a long workday. It takes the edge off smoothly.

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