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If I catch a friend, a client or even a perfect stranger in the act, I can’t help but exclaim, “Don’t touch your skin!” That is the best advice I can give anyone who wants a clear complexion. We have tiny holes (pores) all over us and if we continually touch our skin with unclean hands, we fill those spaces with dirty stuff. 

Still, even the most disciplined non-face-touchers get a blemish here or there. And, unfortunately, some of us are more prone than others. What to do?

First, clean up your diet. Stay away from caffeine, dairy, sugar and gluten for four weeks and see how that affects your skin. Eat more alkaline foods like kale, spinach, cucumbers, dandelion and lemon. After all, everything we eat shows up on our skin. As my yoga teacher once said, “If you eat too much toast, you’ll be toasted.” Spring is here, so it’s a great time to get clean and clear, whatever that means for you. And don’t forget: everything in moderation!

Use products that are made with love. Read the labels and see if the ingredients are ones that your body would recognize. Products that are made with love are made by mindful individuals who actually care about their customers. If your skin is sick, feed it with tender loving skincare and it will recognize the difference.

Stay alkaline by drinking lots of water with fresh lemon juice. It’s one of the best drinks one could ingest. It’s also loaded with electrolytes and Vitamin C (skin’s BFF). Also, bacteria, which causes papules or bumps, lives in an acidic body. The more the body becomes alkaline, from lemon juice and more, the less bacteria survives and flourishes.

Most importantly, as difficult as it may seem, don’t give your blemishes more energy than they deserve. Believe that they are temporary guests and eventually they will, in fact, leave.

photo credits: mariam sitchinava

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