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Monte Farber & Amy Zerner

The tarot is an oracle—a way of unlocking secrets of the self and providing directions for manifesting your goals. It is a support system that can be relied upon as a friend who offers you helpful advice. It’s also a great brainstorming tool that can enhance your creativity.

Tarot cards contain stimulating imagery and are full of metaphorical content that can help us see our experiences and circumstances in a new light. A compelling image on a tarot card offers a way for us to think about inner feelings that are otherwise difficult to express and can provide fresh perspectives on situations about which we are stuck or blocked.

Like a hologram, each piece of the universe contains all the information necessary to recreate the whole universe. Throughout this limitless expanse, everything is connected to everything else. The interconnection and interdependence of all things is a basic premise of ancient wisdom, and it is a principle that has been supported mathematically by chaos theory (discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot).

An oracle makes use of both our intuition and logical mind to receive and decode the information—and then allows us to avail ourselves of it using a language we can understand. Because tarot cards function through The Law of Synchronicity, they have the power to touch on our blindspots in a way that few other tools can. 

If we are self-aware, we can use readings to mentally keep a check on how a particular area of our lives is progressing. This practice makes users more attuned to their everyday surroundings, hopes, fears, pasts and presents. It is a decision-making aid, which highlights forces and influences in our lives that might otherwise go unnoticed. It offers insight and new ideas.

And what are the most commonly asked questions of the tarot? Questions about love, of course!

We all have blindspots. And sometimes, despite our best efforts, we simply do not and cannot see the full spectrum of possibilities available to us. When you look at today's high divorce rate and the growing number of people who choose to raise their children in single-parent households, you can see the often harsh consequences of unhappy choices. These are people who feel they have grown beyond their partnerships and have decided not to settle for less than the kind of loving relationships they feel they deserve.   

There is an art to bringing love into our lives. There is a level of ultimate connectedness in the universe, and the tarot allows us to access it when we harness our logical and intuitive faculties. We grow by learning from life’s lessons, but we can also grow by getting to know ourselves better and learning how to make better decisions. That is what the tarot is designed for.

In the mood for some insight?

Check out the new Enchanted Love Tarot (RedFeather Press, July 2019) from bestselling authors and legendary lovebirds, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Based on the ancient traditions of the Tarot, this contemporary oracle is a remarkable system for self-counseling and understanding the intricacies of intimate relationships. 

Learn more about your astrological chart through daily updates and in-depth private readings with lauded astrologer, Monte Farber too.

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