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My name is: Aviva Romm, MD.

I’m known as: Dr Aviva.

My expertise is in: Women’s health, gynecology and obstetrics and  integrative medicine.

Today, I’m talking about: Endometriosis, a condition that affects 1 in 10 women and is caused by a combination of hormonal and immunologic/inflammatory triggers.

This is an important issue to me because: So many women suffer with it, and chronic pain can tremendously negatively impact their energy, mood, sex life, relationships, careers, fertility and more. 

My approach to treating it is a bit different because: First of all, I believe women when they tell me they are in pain and, not only do I use conventional approaches when needed, but I also address the underlying, or root causes that are often overlooked by conventional medicine. 

Some ways I reduce physical symptoms are: I use a myriad of strategies from an anti-inflammatory diet to specific nutritional and botanical strategies to Mayan abdominal massage to medications and surgeries, according to each woman’s individual circumstances, needs and goals. 

Some ways to keep the problem at bay are: Reduce excess exposure to endocrine disruptors, follow an anti-inflammatory diet and opt for excision surgery (if very skillfully performed). 

Some ways of handling the emotional toll are: Be kind to yourself and remember this isn’t your fault or something you’ve done wrong. If you have more serious symptoms cyclically—for example, symptoms are worse before your period—do your best to plan ahead to accommodate your need for rest and reduced work and social activity during that time. You can even shift how and whether you have sex. 

You can benefit from the support of family and friends if you: Learn which people you can really trust to hold space for you, to help you when you’re low, and be open with them about how this is affecting your life. If you’re partnered or have sexual partners, let them know that how you can comfortably have sex may change with your cycle and get bold about asking for what you need.

Learn more about Dr. Aviva here or follow her on IG here.

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