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My name is: Tessa Matthias.

I’m known for being: Creative, generous and free.

I'm talking about: I am a seer and a way show-er; I build and actualize what I see. I am a channel for Spirit, and that is how I create. I have recently chosen to focus my energy on my gift of alchemy and world building. I am currently working on creating a space for healing, a line of assorted healing products and clothing.

You can find it at: Coming soon.

Before I created this, I was: I have a BFA in fashion design from Parsons.

I launched Tessa in 2015. I recently left my position as Kanye West’s creative director at YZY. (I’d been on the design team since 2018.)

What inspired me to launch it was: I follow my heart; I hear it and listen.

My creative process is: Prayer, mantras and imagination. My process does not have a start or an end; I am my process.

Sound is a vital part of my day, specifically for grounding, cleansing and focusing. I stream frequencies and different reiki videos in the background while I work, sleep, cook, pray, do homework with my daughter, etc.

Sound, scent, light and space are all the sensory aspects of my focus while I am in the middle of my “process,” which is my entire day and my entire night. I use a vast amount of plant and earth medicines, which I have been mixing into my own elixirs and incense offerings. I work with teas, mushrooms, plants, oils, body balms, stones, crystals, etc.—the list is infinite. These tonics and tools were initially created for my own personal healing. Only recently have I decided to start sharing this part of my inner world with the outer world. People need healing; our Earth needs healing.

My process changes daily, in both small and big ways. I follow my intuition about what needs adjusting or focus at the time, however it moves around those same elements that speak to my personal senses. I simply act and live from my own gut; my own heart.

My favorite secret detail is: The sun. Going outside and sitting in sunshine for five to ten minutes each day is an element that grounds faster and with more energy than anything else. The power in that is infinite. Thanking the sun is important and brings levels of abundance to us, too.

For me, what it means to feel grounded is: That I can utilize and hold awareness of my own personal power. Being grounded is being conscious.

Grounding is so important because: Grounding was common practice for our ancient ancestors. I personally feel that we have to ground ourselves as a collective, in order to actualize real change on this great planet.

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