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I recently learned this fact: We human beings create as much information in two days as we did from the dawn of civilization up through 2003. This is insane! 

The reality is that our genetics haven't caught up with the times, giving us what we need to process this bombardment of information. And the costs to our brains, bodies and emotions are steeeeep!

In recent years, I've learned to meditate. And when I’m quiet and really able to listen, I'm asked to be present and spontaneous, so...

I’m starting by clearing one whole month!

For one month, I will retire my pastel-coded calendar filled with dinners, lunches, brunches, strolls, coffees, workouts, birthdays, weddings, trips and BBQs. I will take each day as it comes. Or, more realistically, I'll plan two days out:

You wanna take a road trip next week? You'll have to check back in with me then.

Oh! You're available for dinner in two weeks? So sorry. Can't tell where I'll be then or that I’ll even feel like seeing you that night!

That's really what it comes down to: we make plans assuming we'll know what we'll feel or want in the distant future. Talk about living out of the moment.

More often than not, I just don't feel like doing something I planned two weeks back. And why should I do anything I don't really want to? I shouldn't and so I shan't. 

Let me be clear: this should not apply to work. That would be called a vacation! In the business world, appointments must be made and honored. Nor should such an exercise get you off the hook for being a flaky, commitment-phobe!

But when it comes to downtime, I’d rather be free to choose.

photo credits: robert moses joyce, lukasz wierbowski, ben giesbrecht

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