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My name is: Josie Maran

I’m known for being: A clean beauty innovator.

I'm talking about: Argan oil powered beauty, my line, Josie Maran, and a very special new product launch.

You can find it at:, Sephora, Ulta, QVC, Target, Kohl’s.

Before I created this, I was: A rebel rascal.

What inspired me to launch it was: A vision that the beauty industry could be empowering, positive and good for people and the planet.

How it works is: Well, overall, we make clean and green beautiful formulas for all to enjoy! A few years ago, I decided I wanted to clean up the serious skin issues like eczema and use plant medicine instead of steroids and harsh, unnatural ingredients.

What makes it special is: Everything is formulated with the highest quality organic argan oil from Morocco, which allows the products to synergize with the skin in a very unique way. For our new Intensive Daily Repair Body Butter, we whip some pretty powerful plant medicine with Argan Oil to create an over-the-counter prescription grade formula designed to heal eczema or severely dry skin. The butter is whipped, rich and fluffy all at the same time.

One thing you can’t miss is: It literally heals eczema in just a few days. It’s crazy good and, I believe, way more effective and faster than other skin disease solutions that aren’t even good for our skin.

For me, what it means to be a woman warrior is: That I know my true power and I know how and when to use it. It also means that I uplift as many others and the Earth as much as I can.

It’s important to think in innovative ways because: It’s the only way we can progress. I believe creating change and thinking outside the box is a way to thrive. Living our purpose and being a beneficial participant on this amazing planet gives me life!

This can help us live our process because: When there’s joy, there’s life force. There’s fuel. And, when there’s fuel, anything is possible.

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