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My name is: Lucette Romy.

My stomping ground is: Los Angeles, but I was raised in Australia!

I’m known for being: A multidisciplinary artist, photographer and ceramicist.

I’m talking about: Ceramics and the art of grounding and creating functional art pieces.  

You can find it at: Through my instagram where I am sharing my work, both finished and in progress. I am working on a lot of large scale pieces such as side tables, stools and lamps, as well as smaller pieces like dishware and candelabras.

Before I started this work, I was: I’ve been working with clay since I was about 8 years old, but more as a creative outlet and expression. I love the process, how it teaches patience and practice in developing a new skillset, and it’s become my focus for sharing this work more with the world and expanding my offerings.

My interest was sparked when: I first held clay and understood its shift from a malleable material that could be shaped into anything you liked and then fired into a durable, functional vessel or art piece.

What inspired me to start this was: The joy of having your hands in the earth all day, working with each of the elements to create.

What we offer is: Sharing hand-built ceramic pieces, and handbuilding workshops with others who are interested in learning a new skill that allows them to harness their energy, ground into the earth and leave with a piece they can be proud of.

What makes it different is: A lot of clay/handbuilding workshops teach you only the functional skills and guide you through how to make a piece, without elaborating on the incredible connection we can have with clay and going into a meditative state prior to holding the clay—understanding how our emotions and energy can influence how we build and how the clay takes shape and form. We’re giving participants the understanding of how clay can both allow us to ground and, at the same time, support our growth by absorbing and harnessing any negative emotions or energies we might have and become stronger. 

One thing you can’t miss is: The opening meditation, understanding the process of channeling your inner emotions and building from your inner essence and inspirations.

My favorite secret detail is: Clay requires all five elements to become a functional piece once complete:

Earth: The clay body, can be made up of different soils and sand.

Water: 5-20% of clay is water until it dries; it is also used for building.

Air: Needed to dry the piece properly before it goes into the kiln for firing.

Fire: Clay objects must be fired in extreme heat to become ceramic objects.

Spirit: A desire to create and be inspired from within to make something with your own two hands.

What it means to open your heart is: Allowing life to be experienced through the full range of emotions and not being afraid to face them. Staying open-hearted even when life is hard, to see and move through joy and pain and grief and love and passion without fear.

When you show self-love, it opens your heart because: It’s a practice of grace and gentleness. We are mirrors. The ways we treat ourselves is how others will reflect upon us. If we show kindness to ourselves, we can understand how kindness and love shifts into all of our relationships. Not being hard on yourself, and instead moving with grace, will allow you to be open to lessons and growth.

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