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My name is: Kimberly Snyder. 

I’m known for being: A holistic wellness expert, an entrepreneur and a three-time New York Times bestselling author.

I'm talking about: Solluna, my lifestyle brand, which is rooted in our “4 Cornerstone” philosophy: Food, Body, Emotional Well-Being and Spiritual Growth. 

When I started my career, I focused on food and nutrition, and that’s what my first two books were about. Then, I started going wider and created this whole philosophy, which I have found helps people feel their very best. Our power lies in our wholeness and, when we tap into and nurture that power, we can then take quantum leaps towards feeling centered, joyful, confident, truly beautiful and truly health and simply amazing!

You can find it at: Our site is We just launched a brand new Solluna by Kimberly Snyder app a few months ago that is free and also houses our amazing Solluna Circle online membership!

What inspired me to launch it was: As I went along, it started become more and more obvious to me that community—and I mean a real, supportive sisterhood—was missing and that fact was starting to seriously, detrimentally, affect our health.

Our app includes lots of information and also a supportive space for community. We only create products and programs that I 1,000% believe in, and so the whole brand and app is constructed with an authentic, community-centric, sharing, sisterhood vibe.

How it works is: Go over to the app store and download the app for free!

What makes it special is: Whether we are talking about energy, manifesting success, growing healthy hair or whatever, all the information, podcasts, articles and so on are approached from the 4 Cornerstones perspective.

One thing you can’t miss is: The Solluna Circle! I started doing women’s circles at my house, as a way to hold space and for us to support each other. As part of the circle, we check in, but we don’t give advice unless it’s asked for. Just like most everything I’ve ever created or launched, it started in the most organic way from my own practices and, today, has bloomed into this whole online program.

Every month, we take a deep dive on a theme (this May, it’s “Discovering Your Calling”). I offer a meditation, weekly audios, journal prompts, a new elixir recipe and daily tips and discussions, which are housed in the membership portion of our app. Then, once a month, we do a live Zoom Circle—it’s amazing to see everyone and hear their voices!

My favorite secret detail is: In our live monthly circles, I encourage everyone to speak up and share a word or energy to call into the circle. Even the most shy participants are okay saying one word. In the circle, we are all equal, and everyone brings a unique energy and voice. We all hold space for each other!

As our cornerstones are holistic, I encourage participants to journal while they drink our brand new monthly elixir. The elixir has ingredients that can work to support your body and emotional health for the monthly theme!

One thing that makes my days more sunny is: My family. I have the most amazing soulmate in my hubby, and we are so deeply connected. I am grateful every day for this outrageous love I’ve been gifted with. And our babies: ages 5 years old and 11 months. Those two little boys make my heart explode with love every single day!

Connecting with the sun can help you live your process because: The sun teaches us about sacred rhythms like contraction and expansion, and the balance between rest and doing. The sunny light is fused with the darkness of night, and they make up one whole. And then the sun rises every morning as a new beginning!

The name of my brand, Solluna, actually means, “the sun and the moon!” It represents the wholeness that is nature, is us and is our true identity.

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