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I have just relocated from London to Los Angeles and, after an eleven-hour flight, I was reminded yet again of how air travel is so disorienting for the energy system.

It is one of the most non-grounded things you can do. When you are up in the sky, you are in a unique energy space, unlike any other. And, as you travel through time, your energy sphere may become more sensitive.

I believe a huge part of jet lag and travel anxiety is energetic, so I have a series of rituals that I practice before, during and after travel to help my journeys be as energetically smooth as possible:

Before You Travel:
Set Your Travel Intentions

Make your intention to stay aligned and embodied during your trip. Ask the Universe (or God or your inner soul system—this is your story!) to help you stay safely wrapped within your own unique energy space.

You can also try a mantra prayer like: “As I travel today, I thank you for helping me to keep my energy close, clear and aligned.”

Close Down and Protect Your Energy

The last thing we want to do in a crowded space is to collect everyone else’s moods and feelings. These are some visualizations that you can use to close down and protect your energetic self, so that you will feel more peaceful on your journey:

To Close Down:

1. Visualize a lid shutting over the top of your head.

2. Visualize all of your chakras shutting closed like little doors.

3. Visualize your third eye closing peacefully to sleep.

To Protect:

1. Visualize yourself in something that feels protective to you. It may be a bubble, glowing light or a comforting hooded cloak. (This is your visual, so nothing is wrong or right!)

Energy Clear Your Mode of Transport

Yes you can do this! Visualize your plane, train or automobile surrounded in a glowing gold light, a bubble or whatever comes to your mind. This is a wonderful technique to help you feel calmer and is especially helpful if you are a nervous traveller. 

While Traveling:

Manifest! A couple of years ago when I was on a plane, I heard a very clear message saying to me: “You do know that air travel is the very best time to manifest.” You are in a magical energetic space, so work with it!

Get out your notepad and write your intentions for your trip or a gratitude list or read from your favorite texts.

When You Have Reached Your Destination:

This is all about recalibrating your energy to help ease jet lag and feel rooted at your destination.

Take Long Simple Deep Breaths

A quick and simple breathing exercise can return you to the present moment and ground you: Standing still, take a long deep breath through your nose. As you breathe out through your nose, visualize the breath flowing through your body and out of your feet into the earth.

Self love!

Try not to pressure yourself to do too much. Listen to what your body, mind and spirit need in order to return to a harmonious state.

Take a Bath with Epson Salts

These are great for grounding and cleaning up your energy. If you have the luxury, then getting a massage is also a wonderful way to get rooted back in the self.

Crystal Healing

Black tourmaline is a great for grounding, citrine for balancing anxiety and clear quartz for sucking out any pain from being squished in a small space! I often sleep holding a crystal for my first few nights away. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then just pop one in your pocket or sit and meditate with one in your palm.

Light a Sage Stick

Use one to cleanse your new space and swirl around your body.

Eat and Drink Right

Drink something warm. Either lemon water or herbal tea is a relaxing way to feel your way back into your mind-body connection. Meanwhile, try to avoid sugar and processed foods for the first day or two, as they are very energetically disorientating.

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