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My name is: Jewel Zimmer.

My stomping ground is (where you live):

Southern California. Juna's HQ is in Dana Point.

I’m known for being:  

Founder, formulator, CEO at Juna

I'm talking about: 

At Juna, we design plant-powered solutions to optimize mind, body, mood and sleep for the modern woman. The “do it all” generation of women are experiencing sensory and schedule overload like never before. The

result? Anxiety is the number one leading mental health disorder in America: 55% are stressed, 1 in 4 have insomnia symptoms, increases in hormone imbalances, digestive issues and lack of sex drive.

You can find it at:

Direct at! (Receive 15% off your first order with special code PROCESS). Our current favorite retailers: Erewhon Markets in LA, Wendy Foster in Montecito, Beauty Heroes, The Sacred Space Miami and more. 

Before I launched this, I was:

A chef/chocolatier and sommelier. I’ve always had an affinity for wellness.I believe that all encompassing beauty starts from within and plants are medicine.

My interest was sparked when:

My co-founder, Taylor, and I were feeling daily overwhelm firsthand as two working moms, so Juna was founded out of true necessity. We were looking for support for stress and sleep, but the options available were quick fixes, over-the-counter remedies or prescriptions that came with a price like undesirable side-effects such as grogginess, impairment and negative long-term effects like cognitive decline and dementia. We started asking ourselves how these remedies were helping if they were causing potential harm. So, we started having conversations with experts in health and herbalism and learned about the profound benefits plants have on the entire body.  The science showed that specific plants could help regulate the endocrine system, nervous system and immune system and provide balance to our master regulatory system to create positive change with incredible long-term benefits.

The idea behind it is: 

Our targeted, science-backed, plant-powered formulas help your body reset and rebalance and help women become more resilient to their unique stressors. Our goal from day one has been to help women everywhere feel their best and show

up as the best version of themselves.

What makes it different

All of our products are 100% proprietary and developed by our team of female experts. They’re additionally third-party tested for potency, purity and consistency. I just recently read that over 70% of supplements on the market do not have what they say they do inside them!

Because the human body is an interconnected orchestra of systems, chemical reactions and responses, when individual parts of our body aren’t functioning optimally, the effects take a toll on our moods, skin, productivity, hormones, immunity, happiness, sleep, sex drive and even our gut. Because of this, all of Juna’s products work together as a system.

Our secret ingredient is: Efficacy! Ninety-one percent of our Nightcap users report deeper sleep and 92% of our users report less stress and a mood boost when using our signature balance drops daily. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is: 

Circularity, Juna is powerful inside and out. Our ingredients are 100% USDA certified organic or organically grown; 95% sourced and or manufactured in

the USA; non-GMO, free of heavy metals, microbiological and bacterial

contaminants, pesticides volatile organic compounds and are 100% biodegradable; grown with permaculture techniques to ensure nutrient-rich botanicals in every drop; sun grown with regenerative farming practices that support the. health of our climate by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere  to reverse climate change.

Our Packaging is made of 100% reusable or recyclable materials. All formulas are bottled in unique biophotonic ultra violet glass to protect the effects of light, increase shelf life and revitalize their potency. This process extends beyond

individual health and into a greater ecosystem of environmental awareness and community.

Sleep is so important because:

When we sleep, specifically in deep sleep or stage three, our body enters glymphatic mode a.k.a. supercharged, healthy aging mode. It's when cerebral fluid is released in the brain to clear away cellular debris and regenerate skin and tissues, so you wake up the next morning feeling rested, refreshed and clearheaded and looking rejuvenated. Our Nightcap drops were formulated specifically to help the body reach deeper stage three sleep. The botanical formula in Nightcap supports our circadian rhythms (or sleep wake cycles) that are found at the center of every cell in our body and encourages this deep restoration that ultimately leads to a happy moods, increased productivity and healthy aging.

My bedtime ritual is:

I make an extra strength cup of tea with Egyptian licorice and Chamomile and one dose of Nightcap 30-minutes before I go to bed. I also keep my nightcap roller next to the bed and roll it on the bottoms of my feet and insides of my wrists. I then take the time to reflect on my day. Some nights, I write in a journal; other nights, I mediate, tap or read for as long as my eyes allow.

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