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Not long ago, one of my very dearest friends and favorite people, Vanessa, was diagnosed with cancer, and she is the healthiest person I know. Literally. No exaggeration. person I go to with any ailment because I know she’ll have just the right recommendation.

When I think existentially about why she may have gotten the cancer, in terms of the non-physical impact the experience may have on her path, I know that, first, it will push her to face some emotional stagnation within that needs addressing. Second, and maybe more importantly, I know that she will live and share her research with others.

Even more recently, when another two friends told me they also had cancer, I knew who to ask for help. Vanessa wrote me the following email and I feel it is my duty to share it with you all. Not just for the people who are sick, but for us all, so that we may learn the steps we can take to be healthy humans and avoid disease entirely.

This is what she wrote:

I am still deep in my own healing and still learning. I opted for surgery without chemo and radiation. I am doing many alternative treatments on my own as well as with a naturopathic physician who specializes in cancer. I suggest that you get yourself one of these right away no matter what treatment path you choose.

1) Must read! “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” By Kelly A. Turner.

2) The show called “The Truth About Cancer” is priceless. Watch every episode and take notes.

3) Other websites and titles to check out: Integrative Oncology EssentialsAnnie Appleseed ProjectDr. Leonard CaldwellThe Truth About CancerMy Dance With CancerChris Beat Cancer.

4) The Gerson Therapy is my first and favorites diet and protocol.

5) Adding to that is daily infrared saunas.

6) Daily baking soda protocol.

7) Cbd oil.

8) And, if I had cancer return, I would do an extended water fast for thirty days. My seven-day water fast shrunk my tumor two centimeters. I was doing coffee enemas throughout as well as nightly baking soda and hydrogen peroxide baths for at least one hour. (Add two cups of 35-percent hydrogen peroxide and one pound of baking soda in your bath.)

9) Frankincense oil under the tongue every two hours.

10) Skin brushing.

11) Rebounding for thirty minutes every day or one-hour of infrared sauna every day.

12) Leatril via sweet apricot kernels. Five every two hours. Seems like a lot, but you get used to it once you have a system in place.

13) I believe that chemo will kill me if I do it. Either now or later. I know too many people who were dead a month after chemo began. Radiation as well. No thanks.

14) Check out Beta Glucan supplementation. I am also a big fan of the Bravo probiotics in yogurt culture and suppository form. Look for all of this online. It's worth it. After surgery, your doctors cannot give you any more help. You have to heal your body and pray to God to deliver you from this sickness. Just know that many people have done it and are doing it.

15) Also, get on broccoli sprouts. Grow your own or take a DIM supplement. Either way.

16) Stay away from any and all sugar.

17) Drink lemon water as if it's your job.

18) Ketogenic diet is the way.

19) Thirty minutes of intense exercise five to six days a week is a huge part of staying well.

20) Nascent iodine for your thyroid right away. Every day. Crucial for thyroid.

21) Clean out your colon and get heavy green juices into your body all day long. I prefer the Organifi brand called Green Juice as a powder. I drink it all day long rather than juicing. Personal preference.

22) Focus on the thousands of success stories on The Truth About Cancer.

23) Meditate.

24) “Crazy Sexy Cancer” is worth reading as well.

25) I listened to John O’Donahue’s book, “Longing and Belonging,” every day of my fifteen months of having a synovial sarcoma advanced stage tumor growing in my left thigh. I kept my mind and heart deep enough to avoid the choppy waters of the mind and fear. Not to say that I didn't have my moments of panic because I absolutely did. But I found the deep river through him and I recommend this book with the endorsement of my life and health.

26) Only more thing: They will try to push CT scans on you. I insisted on MRIs, x-rays and sonograms instead. Find a doctor who will respect your wishes. I went through five before I found one who would work with what I wanted. It can be done. Spirit will guide you. CT scans equate to three x-rays a day for an entire year. If you don’t want to do it, don'tno matter how much they pressure you.

Bless your life, sister. I know what you are facing. Decide now to do whatever it takes to live and heal your emotional pain and victim mentality because all the physical healing in the world won't resolve the cancer if you like to suffer and be a martyr. Look deeply. We all want to die somewhere inside of us.

You are not alone. Godspeed.

Forever Higher and Upward,

Vanessa Johansson of Rainshadow Labs.

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