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A few years ago, my pilot light went out. I didn’t really know this was the case; I just felt a little bit tired, a bit down, a bit apathetic, a bit like . . . my older self. I would think, “Well, this is what happens at a certain point, after surviving some of life’s challenges and hardships.” I was simply missing my zest for my life.

Recently, though, I have felt a shift happening—like I am more feminine in my body and more juicy in my being. You know what I mean by “juicy,” right? You probably have seen that quality in certain women as they walk down the street, swaying their hips as if on a sensual breeze. I feel this way when I’ve been visiting the island of Kauai, or after being with a sweet lover for a few days. This quality seems to be more and more rare in our society. It almost feels like people may be repelled by the very notion of feeling sexy and fluid.

I have discovered a few things that can bring us back to the natural state of being juicy. I also feel that our creativity begins to flow more easily and that we have more access to our intuition when we inspire this feeling. When all our energies are united—heart, mind, sexual and spiritual—we can feel a flow or energy portal being opened inside of us.

Certain Kundalini kryias can help activate the energy that resides at the bottom of the spine and allow it to move up the spine to the third eye. Kundalini is sometimes described as a “serpent energy” that lies dormant at the base of our spines, waiting to become unlocked. Once it starts moving, it carries that energy with it to our brains. Once this energy is released, we can have clear visions, deep meditations, stronger intuition, more energy, vivid dreams and more.

The Kundalini energy in all of us resides in our subtle body. The subtle body is the place that contains our energetic imprints. This is where emotion or past traumas can become locked. Since being on a path to spiritual healing, I have learned to feel my subtle body and how it surrounds my physical self.

Another way I was able to feel more aligned was by working with a healer who balanced and aligned my chakras. The chakras are subtle energy points, literally wheels or vortexes of energy. They act as gateways along our spinal cord and head. I met with a woman named Karin Inana Solo, who works her own form of healing in combination with The Brennan Healing Sciences. When I went to see her, she confirmed that my “pilot light” was out or very dim. You see, it seems, with life’s traumas, certain chakras can shutdown or become unaligned.

We first worked on my first chakra around my sacrum. Karin told me to imagine my inner star being lit up around that area. Perhaps due to my meditation practice, I could see the star image very clearly, as it began to shimmer and glow with warmth and strength. During the session, we also talked about how, as women, we sometimes grow disconnected from our femininity. The more work I do on becoming more present in my body, the more I feel a boost in my feminine magic.

Working with jade balls to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor is also a key to getting juicy. Jade balls were first used in Ancient China by concubines to become expert and sensitive lovers. The jade stones are very powerful and healing and, with consistent use, one can keep them held inside the canal to help tighten the pelvic muscles. The womb and yoni is a sacred place that can lead us to great wisdom and power. There are some excellent books and sites now on how to tap into the “Jade Egg” exercises  and practices. Working on this area will increase perception of yoni energy, heighten sexuality, harmonize emotions and awaken libido, build strength in the pelvic floor after childbirth, relieve menstrual issues, give added pleasure to your partner and more.

Since practicing these paths, I have noticed a complete shift in my being. I feel much more connected to the feminine aspect of the universe. I am now conscious of slowing down, enjoying being in the present moment, relishing the sensation of being in my body, feeling gratitude for my incredible womb and yoni, awakening and, of course, feeling more juicy!

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