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My name is: Nadia Josse.

I’m known for being: A breathwork facilitator and teacher.

I'm talking about: I see private clients virtually on zoom for one-on-one breathwork healing sessions. I also have group sessions available once a month where anyone can join and heal together. 

You can find it at: — and if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll receive news about group classes and other fun things!

What inspired me to start it was: Oh, wow. So many things. I first tried breathwork a few years ago. It was very intense to say the least. I think healing finds us at the time when we are ready for it.

It wasn't until two years later that I was ready to fully dive into this transformative practice. At the time, I was dealing with hormonal issues that were preventing me from getting a regular cycle. I had a hard time connecting to my body, listening to my intuition. I would start something and fear would get in the way.

Then breathwork came and everything changed. With every session, I would release this fear, I would connect to my intuition and to the feminine part of myself. I would go deeper and deeper. I would get guidance and messages.

Within a year, my cycle came back. I got pregnant and started my breathwork business.

How it works is: The method I teach is practiced lying down. During a session with me, we will first talk about your challenges and what feels stuck, energetically. We will also talk about your intention for the session. Then, you will lie down for 30 mins, following a breathing pattern I demonstrate. I will guide you throughout the entire time.

As you are breathing, you are connecting to your emotional body, your soul. You will start releasing heavy stagnant energy and trauma with every breath. You will get into an altered state where time and space don’t exist. You are cleansing on an emotional level. After that, you go back to normal breathing and rest for a few minutes to integrate and process the deep healing that occurred.

What makes it special is: Breathwork is an empowering practice, as you are your own healer. With your own breath, your own life-force, you are able to generate this energy that heals your entire being. I hold space for my clients, I guide them through resistance, but, ultimately, they are the healer during the session and this makes them realize the power they have over their own lives.

One thing you can’t miss is: Breathwork is incredible for anyone dealing with anxiety, trauma, depression or insomnia. It creates new neural pathways in your brain, almost like a repair practice.

You are also stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, a.k.a. the “rest and digest” part of your brain. Your thinking brain has no other choice but to take the back seat and let you reset. 

My favorite secret detail is: Breathwork helps you manifest big things. At the end of every session, during the rest part, I guide clients through visualizations. As your energy centers are fully open to receive, you can call in anything. It’s magical!

For me, addressing mental health in this difficult time is important because: We all need to release; we all need to give ourselves the gift of healing. The past year brought anxiety and uncertainty to all of us. Some of us lost family members, friends, jobs. My goal is to show people how breathwork can open them up to who they really are and are meant to be, without the lenses of daily stress, trauma or fear.

One tool that has really helped my mental strength in this time is: Obviously daily breathing, but also exercising. I love to dance; even through pregnancy, I just keep moving. Nothing is better than a good sweat!

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