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My name is: Alexandra Weiss.

I’m known for being:

 A personal and professional development coach. As a certified life coach with a background in psychology, I strongly believe every individual has the power to design the life they want. I help them discover the confidence and clarity to prioritize themselves, understand how they want to feel, live with ease and confidence and create the life they truly desire!

I'm talking about: 

Coaching by AW 1:1 Custom Coaching Programs for individuals and small businesses.

You can find it at:

Before I started this work, I was: 

Feeling like I was trapped in a never-ending cycle of despair (or, in lighter terms, feeling completely stuck, uninspired and like I had unfilled potential that was simply not being harnessed). I spent 14-plus years working in marketing across the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and financial industries. While I found success throughout my career, I also found myself constantly trying to cope with stress and burnout. The running narrative in my head was, “If I just reach this position, land this client, build this business, then I’ll feel fulfilled and happy.” Year after year passed, and I just felt more and more drained. It wasn’t until I reached complete mental, physical and emotional exhaustion that I realized I could no longer continue to live my life on autopilot, striving to achieve someone else’s definition of success. 

My interest was sparked when: 

I always loved learning about and helping people with personal development. I received a B.A. in psychology from Cornell University. However, it was through my own journey of discovery—and of acknowledging that seeking happiness through outside validation isn't sustainable—that made it click. The things you really need generally come from within!

I began to focus my attention inward instead of outward. I started incorporating mindfulness practices into my daily routine and working with a coach to gain the clarity and the support  to make the changes needed for joy and fulfillment. Prioritizing my personal well-being over my professional performance allowed me to move away from pleasing others and towards focusing on pleasing myself. This shift helped me reduce my stress, rebuild my confidence and restore my energy. By reconnecting to myself, I was able to realign my career and redesign my life. Now I can live each day with a greater sense of ease and tranquility. I realized that my purpose is to help others do the same.  

I started working with clients when: 

I started to share my story. I realized I have the ability to help people let go of external expectations of who they think they should be and tap into their true selves to define and achieve their version of success and happiness. People really connected to my story and wanted me to help them rewrite theirs.

The idea behind it is: 

The Coaching by AW process is rooted in mindfulness, aligned action and accountability and reflection. Through individualized coaching sessions, I work with clients to help them shift their mindset, create custom strategies and cultivate healthy practices, so they can strengthen their self-trust and confidence, move past their fears and self-sabotaging patterns and take consistent action aligned with achieving their desires. 

What makes it different is: 

I've been there and been through it. I understand how terrifying and challenging it is to step out of the comfort zone and into the unknown. Shared experience is so important, and I know from living it that you no longer have to feel powerless and paralyzed by fear. It is 100% possible to change your path and choose to live with a greater sense of fulfillment and freedom.  

My favorite lesser-known detail is: 

Joy helps us increase our focus and productivity, so doing things that make you feel good and having some fun is a required part of coaching (and life!).

I hope my clients walk away feeling: An unshakeable amount of self-trust. The ultimate goal in working with me is learning how to recognize your value and stay in your worth, so you can design the life you truly want—no matter what life throws your way. I’m essentially leading you on a path to your truest self!

Having support and guidance is so important because: As humans, we have an incredible ability to rationalize, justify and accept what we perceive as comfortable or easy, even if it’s inconsistent with our desires. Having outside support helps us bring awareness to these limiting beliefs. It gives us the opportunity to shift our perspective and get out of our own way. A coach can also provide the tools, encouragement and accountability needed to propel us past our fears and help us take the actions aligned with where we desire to be. 

A coach who really helped me personally was: Samantha Chung! (Love you, Sam!) She helped me move past my fears, so I could focus on creating a happy and fulfilling life.

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