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My name is: Biet Simkin (creator of Guided By Biet).

My book is called: Don't Just Sit There!.

The publication date is: April 16, 2019.

My background before becoming an author was: I'm a spiritual teacher with 30+ years of study under my belt. I'm also an artist, the daughter of an awakened Shaman, a survivor of tremendous loss and grief and a former heroin addict. 

I was inspired to write it when: We all have a book in us. We are embodied with things that inspire one another. I grew up on the streets and, through some serious grit, turned my darkness into abundant light. I always knew I was going to write a book about my journey; it’s been my dream all along.

It's about: The 44 laws that prevent someone from enlightenment—how to live above those laws, how to get free from the shackles that bind us to a small life and how to go from what's expected to the unexpected. 

biet simkin don't just sit there

The most unexpected takeaway is: You! You are the most unexpected takeaway from this book. We are all looking for our soulmates. This book directs us to our actual soulmate: our soul! This allows us to stop the endless and meaningless quest, and delight in our findings instead. 

It’s a game-changer because: We all want to know what makes us continue to move in the same circles in life. We all want the path to the magic pot of gold. This book gives you step-by-step directions and openly reveals warnings about everything that should pop up as you try to escape from a life that is a given to a life that is a miraculous gift. 

My hope is that readers will: Wake the f up. 

My next book might be: A film or memoir about how insane my life was—think Running with Scissors meets The Peaceful Warrior 

The title of my autobiography would be: How I Woke The Fuck Up! 

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