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Since over 60 percent of what we apply to our skin goes directly into our bloodstream, using clean, non-toxic skincare products is essential to sustaining longterm health.

For those with skin concerns such as blemishes, hyperpigmentation and heightened sensitivity, maintaining a clean diet in conjunction with a mindful skincare regimen is even more important.

Clean food is skincare at its best. So, how do we treat our skin from the inside out?


Say “Yes!” to clean spring water and “No!” to the pollutants and fluoride in tap water that contribute to the breakdown of collagen, promote premature aging and damage the health of our teeth and bones. Either collect your own water from the nearest spring or order home delivery. I rely on Mountain Valley both at my skin studio and at my home. Water is nature’s best moisturizer.

Keep Alkaline

Incorporate green leafy vegetables into your diet. Don’t be afraid to cook your greens, especially during the colder seasons. Cooking them brings out their minerals and is easier on the digestive system. 

Eat Your Antioxidants

Foods like berries, beets, citrus fruits, yams, wheatgrass, kale, spinach and green tea are the skin’s allies.

Keep The Colon Clean

Incorporate fiber-rich foods like flaxseeds, artichokes and beets into your diet.

Sweat, Breathe and Meditate

Taking some time out for yourself is essential to wellbeing. Allow yourself at least one weekly ritual to reset every cell of your body. Take yourself out for a walk in nature and take deep breaths. Sweat: it regenerates skin cells. Create a quiet space in your home, where you can reflect for a few minutes each morning and evening. These practices contribute to inner peace. The more peaceful you become, the younger and more beautiful you’ll look and feel.

Skip Sugar and Cigarettes

They are the enemy. Both of these substances contribute to premature aging by breaking down collagen in the skin. With sugar, think moderation and with cigarettes think elimination.

Lastly, Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep not only takes years off your face, but allows your body to rest, rejuvenate and prepare itself for the new dawn. It is truly an amazing treatment for healthy glowing skin!

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