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My Pinterest board is a direct reflection of the life that I want to live. Scratch that: The life that I am living. The board has all my ambitions. Dreams. Thoughts. Aspirations.

Of course, how something looks is one thing, but actually becoming the type of person you feel you are meant to be is even more important. So, how can you match the insides with the outsides? How do you make your Pinterest board a reality?

My theory:

You cut those five inches off.

You get that dream haircut that you’ve always wanted.

You get those two ear piercings.

You may not be able to sleep on that side of your head for weeks, but it’s worth it.

You put on clothing that resonates with your heart.

You walk around with music in your ears that speaks to you.

You find your people; people that are compliments of you.

You fill your body with foods that make you feel the best possible.

You buy those plants for the windowsill.

You make art for your room, since buying it is too expensive.

You spend your days doing everything you’ve always wanted to do.

You go to dinner by yourself.

And read that book that’s been on your bookshelf collecting dust for the past three months.

You just start doing it.

Matching the insides with the outsides is essential. It’s important to express yourself, and the way you present yourself directly impacts the energy that is attracted to you. It’s all about frequency. If you are operating at a frequency that is positive and expressive of your truest self, the Universe can only present opportunities that are in line with that energy. And as soon as you start emitting this type of self-confidence, the better you will feel and the better the opportunities will be. It’s all about this circle.

I have lived for too many years not feeling like my truest self. And I wonder why. And the answer? Fear. Fear of becoming who I dream of being. Because if I become my dream self, I can start to accomplish dream goals. And if I start attempting to accomplish dream goals, then I might make it in life. Or I might fail.

Fear of failure is what holds you back from becoming your dream self. But fear of becoming someone you are not is even more scary. Fear of not being your truest self is more taxing on the mind, body and soul.

So, be yourself. We can all benefit from your energy. Positive confidence. Positive dreams. You owe it to the world. You owe it to yourself.

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