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My name is: Rachel Lambo.

My stomping ground is: Toronto, Canada.

I’m known for being: CEO of Sade Baron and a type-A personality.

I'm talking about: Sade Baron is a body care brand created to give a long-term roadmap to healthy and glowing skin. Our line consists of body moisturizers, soaps and intensive balms for different skin types.

You can find it at: Detox Market Canada & USA, MelaninGrace, Oak & Tonic, Indigo and 45 Retailers across the US/Canada. Also, on our website

Before I launched this, I was: I worked as a marketing and brand manager for skincare brands and CPG brands on the agency and client side.

My interest was sparked when: I worked in various industries before I worked in beauty and skincare where I discovered the various categories. I’m also a very curious person and love to create and come up with ideas.

What inspired me to start this was: My mother Sade was a big inspiration. She always wanted to be entrepreneur and she was always helping people with suggestions for rashes, dry skin, stomach issues and more. I had the skillset and the passion for marketing and telling stories, so we were able to do it together.

What we offer is: We offer customers the chance to feel better and find comfort in their skin.

What makes it different is: Our formulations are unique, and we focus on using high-quality oils exclusively usually seen for facial skincare. We wanted to apply the same standard to body care and allow customers to deal with challenging skin and maintain great skin health, as well.

Our secret ingredient is: That’s great question. It would be camellia oil. It’s so great for your skin.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: Sade and I love working together as a team. Creating a line and seeing it flourish over a period of time is really incredible. Touching our ingredients and seeing them in their natural state is incredible.

This connects you to the earth because: I find such sensory pleasure in feeling the sun on my skin, feeling air rushing through my hair.

A relationship with nature is so important because: All of our ingredients come from Mother Nature and we are so connected as creators. As humans, we enjoy taking nature walks and being outdoors. It provides peace, tranquility and pleasure.

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