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If you read my last post, I’m assuming that you understand and accept the distinct possibility that each human being contains all the elements of a female and male, regardless of physical gender. My request that you trust that the entirety of your sexuality exists within you is the segue  into you distinguishing your gender imbalance.

You may have been, or may be, challenged in making observations, if you take this exercise personally and get stuck on your attachment to being a woman or man. It is critical that you do not attempt to defend your sexuality. In order to engage this process, you must be as close to genderless as possible.

My original posting suggested subjectively, in language, the respective energies and elements of female and male. If you allow yourself to experience the totality of all that exists within you, it is perhaps obvious that your spirituality (female) is distinct from your physicality (male).

You are now able to be objectively creative in the diverse aspects of all of your female and male energies, which include being/doing (F/M), listening/speaking (F/M), passive/aggressive (F/M), intuitive/analytical (F/M), soft/firm (F/M), nurturing/competitive (F/M), receptive/assertive (F/M), complex/fundamental (F/M) and more, all based on your subjective perspective.

To ascertain your imbalance, consider the following questions:

1. How do you react when you are angry? Do you attack (M) or withdraw (F)?

2. How do you respond in defending yourself? To prove that you are right (M) or experience being wrong with no defense or threat whatsoever (F)?

3. When experiencing love or affection, are you expressing that experience (M) or perhaps being deeply moved by the experience itself (F)?

If you observe the energy or energies that are either present or in the background without any judgment, the opposite energy will naturally reveal itself, allowing your preexisting way of reacting to uncover a part of you that was hidden.

The above are a few of many perspectives that exist for you in a multitude of key situations that shape your life. This will help a profound understanding and empowerment evolve in you, helping you achieve the magical alignment of the woman and man within.

If you are able to powerfully observe your developed imbalance with objectivity and no judgments, you are well on your way to allowing all of your energies to be available to you during your most precious moments.

Ideally, you would go through this process with another person you trust and respect—someone who will be totally committed to expressing their experience of your authenticity and integrity. It is important for you to commit to actualizing in your speaking and listening practices and express what is naturally revealed in all of your relationships.

Suffice it to say, engaging in this process with a trained coach will both accelerate and deepen all to which you have committed: that is, you, living and creating for the rest of your life, while being all of everything that exists within you.

You are now that committed individual, standing in the declaration: “We have declared a Universal Peace among women and men.”

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