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My name is: Dr. Barbara Sturm.

I’m known for being: The founder and creator of Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics.

I'm talking about: My new Ski Cream.

You can find it at:, and

I was inspired to create it when: I’m a passionate skier. I love skiing and love to be in the snow and the cold. Last year, I was using the Baby & Kids Face Cream (because it’s also water- and oil-based) and realized there was nothing out there that specifically catered to protecting your skin when you’re in extreme weather conditions. My Ski Cream helps with transepidermal water loss and provides skin with an extra lipid layer, which strengthens skin barrier function.

How it works is: The Ski Cream targets every skin concern that comes from extreme weather, protecting against cold, wind and climatic conditions. It contains valuable, rich lipids from shea butter, jojoba oil and sunflower extract that strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Anti-aging powerhouse purslane (a potent plant extract that’s at the heart of every one of my products) soothes the visible signs of irritation and edelweiss extract protects the sensitive skin membranes against attack from free radicals.

What makes it special is: Its water-in-oil formulation provides intense nourishment and a protective shield on the skin that doesn’t feel heavy; it leaves your skin smooth, supple and soft.

My favorite secret detail is: There is no other Ski Cream out there. It’s the first Ski Cream ever!

One thing you can’t miss is: Sun protection. I always apply my Sun Drops SPF 50 on top of the Ski Cream for added sun protection when I’m on the slopes.

Your body will thank you because: At high altitudes, the skin has to endure a lot: cold, wind, UV rays. SPF with UVA and UVB protection, such as the Sun Drops SPF50, and a lipid-rich cream like the Ski Cream will increase the hydration of the skin to improve its elasticity and stabilize the skin barrier function, making it better prepared to protect itself.

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