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“The only way to escape the ordinary is to explore the extraordinary.” — Jon Miksis, Global Viewpoint

This summer, I’m trying to take my own advice (which I'm about to share with you): I’m going to travel or retreat to break up the monotony and keep my mind expansive.

Of course, retreat can mean many different things, from a sound bath experience at our very own Live The Process Studio in Tribeca to an entire immersive vacation on some beach across the globe. Either way, being excited to go somewhere and experience something new is what keeps us interested, entertained and in a good headspace. Taking a few moments, a few hours, days, a week, to escape the day-to-day routine and stress of life is integral into feeling inspired, energetic and motivated.

Personally, I am always researching travel destinations, where I can go next or even just muse about visiting one day. And I keep an ongoing list of all the spots, whether far away or in NYC.

Having a self-funded startup is rewarding, but it makes it really hard to visit far-flung places for extended periods of time. So, I have even tried to make my home my escape, a kind of sanctuary protected from the chaos that swirls in daily life. When I can’t get away, I do little things to make myself feel like I have gone somewhere new, finding ways to shift my perspective, relieve stress and take a legitimate pause. I try new and different healing modalities. I find hidden spots—most recently a new herbal shop in New Jersey and a new teashop in Brooklyn.

I feel it’s important to both truly travel and find escapes within our lives, so, for July, we’re offering some inspirations for “Great Escape” options, whether far away or close by.

Life is about adventure and enjoyment that moves us out of our comfort zones. That’s how we make memories that we bring into our everyday lives, to broaden our horizons and face our routines anew. Self-discovery is a key component to happiness and well-being, which means finding opportunities for new scenery, new challenges and new people. Don’t let life escape you! Make sure you take that escape, expand your mind and reinvent yourself, always.

x Robyn

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