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Life as we once knew it is morphing before our eyes.

Originally, we had planned to make our April theme about “sustainability,” but, just like that, that concept is no longer sustainable.

We, as a global community, are being forced to take a pause and reset—and reset with a different intention. We need to focus on gratitude, being thoughtful, purposeful, caring. We need to focus on service, spiritual practice and creating a secure home, one that feels like a sanctuary.

The world has been stuck on this nonstop hamster wheel of consumption and never having or being enough. We are constantly filling voids with superficial notions about the future—overindulging, not being at ease or confident with what we have in the now. The wheel keeps spinning faster and faster and, if we’re not careful, life ends before we’ve ever gotten to really live it. Most of us can relate to this idea of constant motion, constant productivity, constant looking towards what’s next.

Over the last few weeks, watching, feeling and experiencing all of the hardships all over the world has been frightening and sad—but the hardest thing for most, perhaps, is the uncertainty. Uncertainty about our health and the health of those we love, uncertainty about the economy, uncertainty about what will happen next. There are so many unknowns.

All over, people are panicked, driven by fear and what ifs. The truth is, whether we like it or not, we can’t control anything right now except for ourselves and how we choose to react or experience what’s happening around us. It’s horrible and scary for each and every one of us—it’s the experience of being human in this moment. We have been woken up to the idea that we are not just individuals, but are part of a world, fighting for some kind of revolution and also sense of safety.

The way I see it, positivity and hope are all that we have right now. Planet Earth is telling us all something: “If we don’t care for the gift that we have been given, it can easily be taken away in a flash.” Sustainability is still so important, but its definition must expand to include a kind of thoughtfulness, graciousness and consciousness. If we embrace that, so much can change for the better. Just look at what has been done in only two weeks of quiet quarantine for everything from pollution to personal relationships and connection! We need to be reminded that the Earth is our home. We all treat our homes with the utmost of care; so, shouldn’t those same rules apply?

This month, our theme is “Hope in Crisis.” We’re not here to pretend that anything is easy right now or to downplay the great suffering happening all over the globe. We’re here to find the lessons in our experiences, looking to communicate truth, passion, purpose and a sense of security, at the end of the day.

Live The Process was created as a thoughtful response to what we felt was missing—or at least not present enough—in our lives: seeing the dimensions, stopping and being in the present, feeling full and empowered and motivated and beautiful. We have worked hard to create something authentic, real and, for me, personal.

With Live The Process, I finally felt my true purpose, a higher calling to serve myself and others. It has been, yes, a process, but, from the get-go, all of the decisions we made were based on ethics, community and gratitude—and, so, they continue to ring true.

Our small endeavor has never been more embraced by our generous community than in these last weeks, which has felt like a true testament to the virtues of creating something with integrity, tolerance and openness.

Stay safe and healthy!

xo - Robyn

Cover image via Alexis Christodoulou 

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