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My name is: Dewi Sariani. 

I'm known for: being Director of Spa, Thermes Marins Bali at Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali. 

Its been open since: 1996. 

I was drawn to this destination because: Ayanais one of Balis leading resorts. The property offers some of the most innovative treatments and technologies available. My aim was to work with a company that not only understands the importance of growth and development within the spa industry, but that pioneers it. 

This place is special because: The breathtaking design and wealth of space, alongside the variety of spa treatmentswhich range from pampering, relaxing and beautifying to wellness optionsmakeAyanaextra special. One of the spas most unique features is the Spa on the Rocks. Perched on a rocky outcrop surrounded on three sides by the sparkling Indian Ocean, guests enjoy an unrivaled experience for all the senses. They relax to the gentle lapping of waves against the rocks and breathe in the therapeutic sea air through open windows, as they enjoy expansive views and soothing natural treatments. Spa on the Rocks offers the most unique luxury spa experience found anywhere in Balior perhaps the world. 

Each Spa on the Rocks villa is ingeniously designed to blend with the environment: They are highlighted in Indonesian berbauwood, traditional Balinese alang alangthatched roofs and have interiors enhanced by the natural contours of the rocks on which they sit. Within two treatment villasthat accommodate just three unhurried appointments each per day (morning, noon and sunset)guests bask in truly unusual spa experiences. Glass-enclosed treatment rooms include a beckoning soaking tub, separate shower, a plush outdoor seating area, delightful refreshments and bespoke amenities.  

To name a few, the unique treatments includeLava Me Tender, a well-being ritual drawing on the healing properties of natural volcanic lava; Diamond Miracle, which includes a sensual ocean splash rose bath with petals from 500 red roses and a La Mer facial using a precious formula of sea quartz and pure diamond dust.  

When it comes to well-being, were all about: offering balance between body and mind, physical and mental. 

One thing you cant miss is: The Aquatonic® Seawater Therapy Pool, which provides the natural curative properties of seawater through Thalassotherapy. The Aquatonic Pool contains 700 million liters of water directly supplied from the underlying Indian Ocean, warmed to optimum temperatures to rebalance mineral deficiencies in the body. Thanks to the waters buoyancy, guests can float among twelve hydromassage stations, featuring over 60 individual therapeutic jet streams, micro-bubbles and geysers for rehabilitation and relaxation. 

The warmed, salty water surrounds the bather to either calm or invigorate. The pool is composed of a labyrinth of specific water-massage zones, bubble baths, currents and countercurrents, counter-current walking zones and shower jets that treat different body parts through differing intensity and positioning, offering beneficial effects for muscle tone and blood circulation. Only a handful of Aquatonic pools exist, located at bespoke resorts around the world. Each Aquatonic pool is specifically designed for each site and incorporates references to the local area, architecture and environment. At Ayana, great care was taken to incorporate Balis lush foliage and open water views, along with iconic symbols of Balinese life and culture. 

Your body will thank you because: Thalassotherapys main objective is to increase blood circulation and restore vital minerals lost as a result of stress, pollution and poor diet or lifestyle. Because the chemical composition of seawater is so similar to that of human blood, the skin is able to absorb trace minerals and ions such as magnesium, potassium, calcium sulfates, sodium and iodide when immersed in water heated to body temperature. Besides its wealth of minerals and trace elements, seawater offers many beneficial effects when used in hydromassage techniques, including relief of the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, back and muscle pain, tension and stress; muscle toning; cellulite reduction; and improved metabolism, cardiovascular functioning and sleep. 

While youre in the neighborhood, you must try:The traditional market and fish market at Kedonganan, Jimbaran, where you can get insight into the Balinese daily routines and fresh seafood. Located nearby Ayana, it is also accessible by bicycle tour with our fitness instructor. You could also join our cooking school. Students are taken on a dynamic tour of the local market, or pasar, in nearby Jimbaran, where they pick fresh vegetables, herbs and other ingredients from a working greenhouse; or on a trip to the bustling fish market in Kedonganan to choose locally-caught seafood. Accompanied by the cooking schools culinary team, participants receive a multi-sensory introduction to the basics of Balis cuisine and hands-on experience with Balis exotic produce, including turmeric, lemongrass, palm sugar, chili and salam leaves. Then its back to the school, where each student works at his or her own cooking station and receives hands-on instruction from a professional chef in Balinese cooking techniques.  

Escaping is part of my process because: To escape from my daily routine helps my mind and body recharge, which leads me to find new ideas. To build a strong rapport with my team and to build a sense of responsibility and rewards, I also regularly explore other spa destinations or simply get together with the team to relax, recharge and dream up new ideas to implement. 

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