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My name is: Ambi Kavanagh. 

I’m known as: “Alchemy Ambi”—an astrologer, mentor/life coach, sound healer and podcast host! 

My expertise is in: Alchemy a.k.a. transformation—transforming yourself to transform your life. I wear many different hats and work with different modalities, but, ultimately, everything I offer is about helping others create alchemy in their lives, whether that means overcoming obstacles or manifesting goals. 

I stay physically healthy with: Regular exercise. I am a big believer in the idea that we need to move our bodies, not only so we are physically strong, but also so we move energy. I practice yoga and swim weekly.

I’m also a huge fan of getting out in nature. I hike in the mountains at least twice a week, and I try to take a 20-minute walk every day in my neighborhood. I always say, “Nature is my church!”

I’ve also recently jumped on the celery juice wagon, and I have to say I have found it life-changing. My skin, energy levels and digestion have changed for the better. What I have found works really well for me is to alternate between celery juice and cucumber juice, every morning.

I am obsessed with Goldfaden MD's products both for looking after my skin and for taking some time out for mindful moments of self-care. Their products are plant-based and cruelty free and are highly effective, which is a rare combination! I love their Facial Detox Mask followed by their Fleuressence Oil for an overnight treatment. It gives me a beautiful glow in the morning.

I keep my emotions balanced with: Many different practices. I work with lunar cycles and major celestial transits through my Soulstrology coaching program, which helps me deal with different emotional and energetic themes. I devised this program when I was going through one of the toughest times in my life, which also happened to be reflected in astrological transits. Working with the celestial energies transformed my life and, since then, I have used this method to stay on track. I now share it with others through Soulstrology.

I am also a big believer in self-care to help me stay emotionally balanced. Sometimes this is means tough navel-gazing and self-inquiry through Soulstrology, which helps me move through certain emotions and situations. But it’s also about making sure my mind and energetic self are clear. I meditate daily and receive sound baths on a regular basis, as well as giving them.

My monthly Korean spa soak and scrub ritual is my way of shedding the emotional garbage of the month and getting clear and present. I’m also a big fan of salt baths, which can wash away negative energies and help clear your aura. (Taking a bath is so good for your mind, body and soul.) I recently discovered The Now and their massages have become an important part of my monthly routine. Having my knots massaged as I listen to the sounds of the ocean waves helps me to feel emotionally lighter and stronger. 

I’m intellectually stimulated by: People. Good conversations and books, which open my mind and expand my viewpoint beyond the bubble of my world and help me to continually learn and grow. Most recently, I read Becoming by Michelle Obama. It’s an eye-opening and heart-expanding read, which made me laugh, cringe and cry—and inspired me beyond belief.

I was recently transformed by: A weekend away in Santa Barbara. It made such a difference to wake up to the sounds of the ocean and to enjoy daily walks on the beach. Salt water really is the cure for everything! We stayed at the Santa Barbara Inn, which was such a delightful hotel right across from the beach, so we could sit on our balcony and take in the ocean views and smell the salty sea air. I also loved the Funk Zone, a growing arts community with the coolest restaurants, art studios and shops.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Morning pages. This is a tool I have used regularly for several years now, but, last year, I fell off the wagon, thinking I didn’t “need” them anymore. Turns out I did! In the last six months, I have once again adopted the practice of daily morning pages, which has helped center me during a season where I have navigated enormous personal and professional shifts. 

Here’s how you can do it too: Wake up, don’t look at your phone or computer. Brush your teeth, make your morning tea/coffee or other concoction and start writing. Three full pages. Of whatever comes out. Don’t censor or edit. Don’t overthink. Just write. Never re-read. Once you’ve written three full pages in your journal, you can start your day. See it as “brain dumping—dumping all the random thoughts in your head, which can cause you to feel fuzzy and/or heavy. Once you’ve got those thoughts out onto paper, you will feel a lot clearer and lighter and can start your day from a more centered place. 

It helps me live my process because: It helps me to process life by helping me to process my emotions and thoughts. It really is a game-changing practice, and what I love is that it’s so accessible to everyone. All you need is a pen and notebook!

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Ambi Kavanagh’s journey here.

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