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My name is: Linda Lancaster (or Dr. Linda).


My book is called: Harmonic Healing: Restore your vital force for lifelong wellness (April 2019).

My background before becoming an author was: I have been a natural medicine homeopathic doctor for 40 years.

I was inspired to write it when: Many of my patients kept asking me to write a book and to include my diet and recipes.

It’s about: 1) Harmonic Healing is about “how to restore your health” and maintain it through liver cleansing, parasite cleansing, therapeutic baths for pollution and incorporating good nutrition through food.

2) Understanding the five elements of Ayurveda and how they play a role in our health.

3) There are many suggestions of “how to stay well through daily practices.”

The most unexpected takeaway is: Dr. Linda’s Kitchen and the recipes, which explain how to prepare and eat food combined properly with foods that give energy—i.e. the importance of vegetables and why!

It’s a game changer because: The Program is simple to implement for anyone who wants to be healthy through food. Harmonic Healing explains how to cleanse through foods, therapeutic baths, herbal medicines and homeopathy!

Do not miss details like: Parasite Cleansing is very important. I’ve been using the “milk cleanse” for my patients for over 40 years with good success. is an online site where you can order the products needed to do the cleanse.

There are many symptoms that can be addressed by using the milk cleanse to clear parasites, release brain fog and reset the body to heal. It’s important to note that parasites can interfere with the absorption of food, so, if there are digestive issues, the milk cleanse can work to correct this.

My hope is that readers will: Get a good understanding of the cause of illness and how to reverse it.

This book can help you connect to your health and open your heart because: It is a book that brings in the understanding of subtle energies. Many people are living with shock in our mental and emotional bodies. When there is shock, it is difficult to express ourselves, as many of us have had traumas in our lives.

Harmonic Healing explains what shock is in the subtle realms and how to mitigate it through homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, alongside of prayer, meditation and movement.

My next book might be: I am writing two books: Homeopathy updated for our times and a cookbook focusing on concentrated nutrition, which is also needed for these times.

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