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Alkaline your body. It’s life-changing!

I know this first hand. When things aren’t working right inside, the effects are obvious outside.

For me, internal imbalances caused cystic acne breakouts from the time I was eleven-years-old. After consulting many types of doctors over the years, I finally made a life-changing discovery, my mother had Candida, a yeast overgrowth that stops the body from breaking down food properly while pregnant with me, and I believe she’d passed it on to me.

Based on research, I discovered that this issue is associated with poor digestion, rosacea and acne. If your body is not in an alkaline state (where the acids are neutralized and the pH balance is greater than seven), your digestion and other internal functions start to break down. I realized that, if I could alkaline my body, it might start to function much more smoothly.

I was right.

One of the best solutions to my problem turned out to be harmonized drinking water, Anti Pathogen. Harmonized water has proven key to my overall wellness, as it helps to keep healthy cells in our body vibrating and functioning correctly. Unhealthy cells are often overproduced thanks to environmental toxins and they contribute to the imbalance of our bodies. This water assists in correcting these imbalances and restoring harmony by increasing the amount of good cells and that’s a very good thing.

photo credits: benjamin evans, sacha vega

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