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My name is: Alexis Badiyi.

I’m known for being: A stylist & creative. 

I'm talking about: Joon Masks and what's next, outside of masks. I launched Joon in March of 2019. Joon means “my dear” in Farsi, often used as a term of endearment for loved ones.

What inspired me to launch it was: I initially started Joon out of necessity, as a way to make masks available to loved ones. From there, the word spread, and my community, offline and online, showed so much support. I'll be forever grateful. I could not have done this without each and every one of them.

How it works is: Each mask is made from deadstock and vintage fabrics, and proceeds are donated monthly to a rotation of foundations. With thanks to everyone’s orders, Joon has been able to donate almost $15,000 so far.

What makes it special is: We offer cotton and silk masks, which are made in Brooklyn, New York. You can choose between large or small, and adjustable elastic or ties. 

One thing you can’t miss is: If you get the ties, my favorite trick is to tie loops around your ears. That way you can still take it on and off like you would an elastic, but you get the chic long ties, as well. 

My favorite secret detail is: When initially thinking about packaging, I was so inspired by the “Studio 54: Night Magic” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. One area of the exhibit displayed all of their invitations, stationery and membership cards. I wanted Joon packaging to feel like an invitation to something; something that feels celebratory to open. Joon is currently developing a new product outside of the mask world, so stay tuned!

My creations can make your day sunnier because: The support I’ve received during this time from my community has been incredible. I get such joy seeing people wearing and sharing about their Joons. I feel so grateful that a purpose of mine, that has brought me so much joy, has been able to make difference for others and our community.

It’s important to bring light to others because: From the beginning, Joon was about making a difference for others. Donating proceeds to a rotation of causes each month has been very important to me since day one.

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